MapMetrics web3 navigation app


World’s first crypto navigation app that rewards users with tokens and NFTs. You make the platform, you get the rewards. Join the community to make the most of your travels.

Two phones showing the MapMetrics app first phone shows crypto wallet with MMAPS and second the crypto navigation system

MapMetrics navigation app

About the app

MapMetrics is a free crypto navigation app designed to improve your travel, by showing you the most convenient way from A to B. The online community updates live road conditions faster than any other company could. You make the platform, you get the rewards. Created by the community for the community.

Get rewarded for your data

Earn tokens while driving!

MapMetrics creates a community of road users, who share real-life traffic data using cutting-edge blockchain technology to improve your journey. Download the app for free to become part of the community and get rewarded for your data. Earn crypto and NFTs by navigating with the MapMetrics crypto navigation app.

Three mobile phones displaying the MapMetrics crypto navigation app pages including the MMAPS crypto earning wallet, NFT wallet, and the coupon and discount wallet.
A phone which displays the earnings of the MapMetrics crypto navigation app wallet with behind it an SPT to mine crypto and NFTs.

Get your SPT

SPT systems

SPT stands for “Special Position Tracker” and is the key to the MapMetrics blockchain. By connecting your SPT with the MapMetrics app you are eligible to earn tokens which will be automatically transferred to your wallet. Choose the right SPT that fits your travel needs and start earning.

Why join MapMetrics

Earn tokens

Earn tokens by participating in traffic and using the app


Join the community and share live traffic data with other members


Earn and use NFTs as your profile icon in the app


Personal data will not be collected by the blockchain to keep our users anonymous 

3rd Party

Third party

Third parties can be integrated to pay for services with MMaps



Plan your trip with the app and get real-time traffic conditions

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Join the community

Three simple steps

Get an SPT that suits your travels

Download the free navigation app and connect it with your SPT and wallet

Activate the app during your travel to start earning tokens