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MapMetrics DePIN navigation app​​

Earn crypto and NFTs while driving 🚗🛵🚲

World’s first crypto navigation app that rewards users with tokens and NFTs. Download the app and start earning today.

Isometric illustration of a colorful city centered around a large phone displaying the MapMetrics logo. Cars with location icons above them drive towards MMAP tokens, suggesting free crypto earnings with the crypto navigation app while driving.

Crypto navigation app

Web3 navigating

MapMetrics is a free, drive-to-earn crypto navigation app that rewards its users for contributing their data anonymously. Our mission is to help you visualize the value of your data in return for cryptocurrency. World’s first web3 navigation app that’s built by the community, for the community.

Get rewarded for your data​

Earn crypto while driving.

You’re geo-location data has value and we are here to prove it. By utilizing your data through our business model, we can convert your data into actual currency. By buying back the tokens you are earning, we will be able to visualize the value of your data and pay you back for maintaining the app. You make the platform, you get the rewards.​

Isometric style illustration of a light green car on top of a phone lying on its back. Beside the phone are MMAP tokens, with a graph and a 'earn crypto' sign hovering above, suggesting the drive to earn crypto through the web3 navigation app.
Isometric view of an SPT lying flat on a phone, with multiple other SPTs linked to it. Accompanying graphs and an upward-pointing arrow illustrate the increasing value of crypto earnings from driving, especially when connected to the SPT for data encryption.

Encrypt your data

SPT devices

The “Special Position Tracker” or SPT is a crucial tool for community engagement. By integrating your SPT with the app, you can encrypt your data and boost your profits. The SPT comes in three different varieties, each designed to suit specific vehicle requirements, ensuring high-quality data collection through the blockchain.

Promote your crypto project

Advertise on our app

Make use of our business portal to advertise your crypto project, local store, or online shop on our app. Our users are highly responsive to advertising as the advertising budget will be used to buy back the tokens they earn. The ads will be displayed inside the app and received by our community.

Isometric illustration of a megaphone emerging from a mobile phone lying on the ground, labeled with the word 'ads'. Adjacent to it is a sales booth and an orange MMAP token with a star rating in the backdrop. This suggests opportunities in crypto advertising.

Why join MapMetrics​

Earn tokens​

Drive to earn free crypto by taking part in traffic and using the web3 navigation app.

Collect NFTs

Earn NFTs placed on the road to increase your earnings or use as your profile picture within the app.

Growing community

Join our growing community and share live traffic data with other members to improve your travels.

Web3 privacy​

With the web3 approach personal data will not be collected to keep our users anonymous and safe.

Worldwide coverage

The app operates worldwide, allowing you to contribute and earn anywhere around the world.

Offline navigating

Use the navigation features offline for data savings and speed of usage while driving.

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