TIPIN your toes into web3 navigation

TIPIN night sky with radio tower and stars

Have you read Mike Zajko’s Medium post on token incentivized physical infrastructure networks? That’s a mouthful which he refers to as the TIPIN sector of web3 and cryptocurrency. You can read more about the interaction between cryptocurrency and the “real world” here. Let’s take a look at how MapMetrics and our web3 navigation app fits […]

NFT Staking Tutorial

Thee MMAPS coins with in the middle, gold, left silver and right bronze colored.

In this MapMetrics staking tutorial, we are going through the steps on how to mint and stake your MapMetrics NFTs. Here you can find the NFT staking page: https://mapmetrics.org/staking-nfts/ By staking one of the MapMetrics staking NFTs you will receive an interest that you can claim on a daily basis. This way you can put your […]

MapMetrics Ads & $MMAPS Buyback

Store with sign, earn more MMAPS

At MapMetrics, we recognize the value of your geolocation data. We also appreciate the value you hold in your security and privacy. We’ll collect and monetize this data while protecting your privacy and security. There is no personal information required to contribute to the network. With our business model, we generate revenue from the sale […]

More $MMAPS, Ads & A Robust Community

Iphone displaying the mapmetrics web3 navigation app with destination "earning some free $MMAPS" using a penguin NFT while navigating.

In the coming weeks, MapMetrics will focus on new token rewards and growing the user base.  We’re getting closer to a complete web3 navigation experience. To increase app downloads, users will now be able to earn a small amount of $MMAPS without an SPT.  We’ll reward users for using certain in app features.  While navigating […]

Earning MMAPS – Phase 1

SPT device layered on top of it's box with the MapMetrics logo

Starting today SPT owners are able to earn MMAPS!To kick off the project we will stress test the system first which allows you to earn MMAPS by just logging in and taking your SPT for a ride. This allows us to collect all the data we need to set up the system accordingly. 🚨Important🚨 Before […]

Receiving your Key to the MapMetrics Community

It’s been several months of waiting, reading, and rereading the white paper, tuning in to our AMAs, and connecting with fellow Mapsters in our Community Discord… Now what?  By this time you should have downloaded the free MapMetrics app and connected your Solflare wallet which is where we will send your $MMAPS rewards. You’re now […]

Your Platform, Your Rewards

Who is MapMetrics’ customer and how does the sharing of my data with the customer benefit me? Your Platform What sets MapMetrics apart from other navigation apps is the ownership of the data and the reward structure that has been put in place to incentivize the creation and updating of the app. Currently, mobile apps […]

Bug Hunting Season

mapmaetrics app with bugs on the crypto navigation app which display the bug hunting season

The full MapMetrics project is going live on the 28th of August. This will include the launch of the crypto navigation app and delivery of the SPTs to our first customers. To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, the app has been fully tested by our team and third parties. Regardless, when apps […]

The Value of Data in the Digital Age 

Grey datacenter hall with computers

Big Picture We have been living in a digital age for a while now, whether we fully acknowledge it or not. Since the dawn of the World Wide Web and the early internet, the past 25 years has given us email, WiFi, cloud storage, mobile applications, social media and the advent of the data age. […]

What is Web 3.0

Map of the world connected via the internet

There is an overwhelming sense of technological advancement every year, as we are introduced to new technologies, innovations and change that constantly disrupts and transforms the way we live, work and interact. Words such as blockchain, Web3, NFTs, and cryptos are thrown at us at every corner, however very few grasp its implications to the […]