AMA 10 – Q1 timeline and more

Thumbnail of youtube 10th ama of MapMetrics displaying staking NFT packages gold silver and bronze to earn more MMAPS

This article is a summary of our 10th Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, the first one of the year. In this AMA, we’ll be discussing what we have in store for you in the first quarter of this year. We will cover our main focus for the “official” launch of the improved app, and we’ll […]

AMA 4 – ICO, Navigation App, SPT updates, and more

Squared devices that is printing MMAPS tokens

During this AMA we are going to cover: The app and the progress we have made  The status of the SPTs  The upcoming ICO all the ins and outs  ICO buying guide  Vesting period Referral scheme Payment methods    Watch our AMA 4 here: The progress we have made so far on the app […]

AMA 3 – SPT Upgrade, Coin Market Cap listing, ICO Whitelisting, and more

Welcome to our third AMA! This time around, we answer some of the most popular questions from our community members. We cover the SPT upgrade, our upcoming Coin Market Cap listing, and how to participate in our upcoming ICO. We also discuss our new whitelisting process and give some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. 1. […]

AMA 2 – All you need to know about the Special Position Tracker

Special position tracker displayed

In this blog post we are summarizing our second AMA, we will discuss everything you need to know about SPT – including how it works and how you be part of the worlds first web 3.0 based navigation app by joining the community. 1. What is a Special Position Tracker (SPT) The Special Position […]