How The Shadow Drive from GenesysGo Improves MapMetrics’ Navigation App

MapMetrics navigation app logo and GenesysGo Solana based server logo on a server background with grey walls and black tinted servers on the left and right

As the creators of MapMetrics, a crypto navigation app that rewards users with MMAPS tokens built on the Solana blockchain, we understand the importance of secure and decentralized data storage. That’s why we have chosen to use The Shadow Drive from GenesysGo, a decentralized storage platform built on the Solana blockchain, to store and save […]

Crypto Navigation App Night Mode

Cars driving at night through the city between skyscrapers

With the rebuild of the MapMetrics crypto navigation app, we’re going to introduce night mode. Night mode is a popular setting in numerous navigation apps at the moment, and for good reason. With its dark color palette and reduced brilliance, night mode is designed to make it easier and safer to use our navigation app in low-light […]

AMA 3 – SPT Upgrade, Coin Market Cap listing, ICO Whitelisting, and more

Welcome to our third AMA! This time around, we answer some of the most popular questions from our community members. We cover the SPT upgrade, our upcoming Coin Market Cap listing, and how to participate in our upcoming ICO. We also discuss our new whitelisting process and give some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. 1. […]

New Logo Reveal

MapMetrics logo different color styles

A whole new brand identity MapMetrics is going to Rebrand! The project just launched over 5 months ago and has come a very long way since then. While the project has been evolving over time, we had a feeling the identity was staying behind. The project is all about being transparent about data and showing […]