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How we all benefit

Business Model 💼

At MapMetrics, we empower our community by enhancing data value. Visualize and understand the bigger picture of your data's worth. Your contributions grow the platform; you earn from the data you share. Data sold becomes crypto rewards for users.

Woman standing in front of a high-tech control center dashboard, engaging with a floating data screen. Behind her, the MMAP token is in the process of creation. To her left, databases are visible with a man standing before them, implying that individuals are compensated for the data they collect during their drives.
Isometric illustration showcasing five pillars: 1) A microphone representing crypto advertisements; 2) A box with card input depicting car data processing; 3) A floating world map overlayed with an API icon, indicating a web3 world map API; 4) Rogange mapmetics tokens beside a comprehensive API chip; and 5) An individual seated on a chair, symbolizing the three-party collaboration. In the background, there are various data graphs displayed on a wall.

We increase the value of your earnings

Dynamic Token Ecosystem

The MMAP token ecosystem is powered by a diverse business model. Revenue generated from these sources contributes to the repurchasing of MMAP tokens. This strategic approach aims to foster a strong and thriving token economy within our community. Business Models:

Advertising Space

Data Packages

Web3 map API

Third-Party Integration

A whole new way of advertising

Advertising Space

Discover innovative advertising on our platform. Strategically placed along users' routes, these ads offer high visibility. Users effortlessly collect them in their mAds wallet, a dedicated space for showcasing ads and offering exclusive rewards. This fosters mutual benefits for users and advertisers.

Isometric illustration of a road segment where a green station car drives past crypto advertisements placed along its sides. Adjacent to the road is a bus station and lush greenery.
Isometric illustration of a card holder containing cards that showcase various cars and detailed information beneath each, indicating data collection pertaining to the vehicles.

In-depth data sets

Data Packages

Using geolocation data, our platform integrates SPTs for enhanced precision. We provide vehicle-specific data packages for accurate policy-making and business decisions by public and private organizations. These transformative datasets offer invaluable insights, benefiting all stakeholders.

Up to date by the community

Web3 Map API

Map APIs find application in various domains like scooter rentals, taxi services, and location-centric apps. Embracing a Web3 approach, MapMetrics enables a community-driven map API, ensuring continuous updates for advanced features and an enhanced user experience across diverse location-based requirements.

Isometric illustration of a web3 map featuring a hovering orange location icon. Behind it, a phone displays an API chip. Adjacent to the scene are multiple servers and a cloud symbol, collectively suggesting the web3 map API designed for businesses.
Isometric illustration of an electric gas station adjacent to a road segment, accompanied by a crypto wallet, a chip labeled 'API', an orange cap, and an electric scooter. These elements together symbolize the features of the MapMetrics Business model.

Pay with your earned MMAP

Third-Party Integration

Our platform will be incorporating third-party services like scooter rentals, taxi apps, and EV charging at fuel stations. All in one place, users will conveniently pay using MMAP tokens from their wallets, ensuring a seamless experience.

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