MMAPS Business Model

How we all benefit

The MapMetrics business model is fully designed to increase the earnings of our community. Visualizing the value of your data is key to understanding the bigger picture. Members of the community maintain the platform and should therefore be rewarded for their participation. You make the platform, you get the rewards.

Increase the value of your earnings

How the MMAPS token gets value

Advertisers and third parties will have to purchase MMAPS tokens to make use of the business side of the platform. By doing so, they will pay the community indirectly for the data shared with the MapMetrics network. 

Third parties will use the same tokens as the community is earning which will determine the fair value of your data. 

This is the new way of navigating. You make the platform, you get the rewards.

There are three main revenue streams which the data packages and platform will be used for to make profit for its users. 

  • Advertising space
  • Data packages 
  • API 
MapMetrics navigation app displayed on iPhone showing nearby places to eat and other filters like Gas stations, shopping areas, and even your preferred saved places like Home, work, and more to help you navigate better.
Andriod phone displays the MapMetrics crypto navigation app with an NFT as driver icon moving toward its final destination while earning a discount coupon for a burger place.

A whole new way of advertising

Advertising Space

The MapMetrics crypto navigation platform is home to a whole new way of advertising. Advertisers have the possibility to drop their ads in a coupon or NFT format. When users drive by these ads they will be added to their wallets automatically. This opens a door to a hyper-efficient way of geolocated advertising, making targeting the right audience more effective and generating a frictionless experience for both user and advertiser.

In depth data sets

Data Packages

Geolocation-focused data is truly valuable and with the implementation of our SPTs, it’s even more precise. By creating a new in-depth vehicle-specific data package for public and private institutions, policy and business decisions can be implemented more accurately – the in-depth data sets will be a game-changer.

Andriod phone displays the MApMetrics crypto navigation app being connected to the SPT with all mining indicators like being connected to the SPT to earn MMAPS, how much time is left of mining, and how much battery the SPT has left.
Andriod phone displaying the contribute to earning screen which allows the users to increase earning MMAPS by reporting traffic jams, speed cameras, police patrols, road hazards and road blocks

Up to date by the community

Web 3.0 map API

Map APIs are used for countless purposes, from scooter rentals, taxi services, and other location-based apps and websites. Making use of a Web 3.0 approach, MapMetrics is able to create a community-driven map API that will always be up to date.

Pay with your Earned MMAPS

Onboarding Third Parties

Third parties will be onboarded and able to promote their services. Companies like scooter rentals, taxi apps, and even electric charging of your vehicle at a fuel station will be available in one place. Users will be able to pay for these services using their MMAPS straight from their wallets without leaving the app.

The android phone displayed the additional services of the app where you can use your earned MMAPS to order taxis, rent ridesharing vehicles, charge your electric car, and more without leaving the app.