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Business Portal 🖥️

MapMetrics Business Portal: Simplifying Ads for Crypto Projects, Online Stores, and Local Shops. Set up quick campaigns with our one-page approach. Track ad performance for optimal conversions.

Isometric illustration of a group of individuals on a blue platform, monitoring vast floating screens displaying data from their crypto advertisements. In the background, two MapMetrics coins indicate the platform's capability for users to advertise their crypto projects and make payments with cryptocurrency.

Approach your ideal customer

The new advertising​

Sign up for a free account today to start advertising straight away. Our innovative approach displays ads in a fun, gamified way, and because the advertising budget is used to buy back tokens earned through the app, our users are more receptive to receiving ads.

Quick and easy campaign creation

Launch in Minutes

Crafting campaigns is easier than ever with our streamlined one-page method. Launch your campaign in just a minute. Complete interactive content, insert a captivating image, and finalize with your landing page. Tailor your target audience based on age, gender, and location, and you're all set to go live!

Isometric illustration of a woman seated on a white modern chair with a man standing beside her engaged in conversation. Beneath them, a large computer screen displays a blank canvas page, accompanied by buttons suggesting the various crypto advertisement content that can be crafted on the platform.
Isometric illustration of a man standing in front of a computer screen, using a telescope to view live crypto advertising data. He's surrounded by 3D graphs representing feedback on the cryptocurrency advertisements being run on the business portal.

Improve your conversions

Monitor ads performance

Monitor your campaign’s performance by reviewing stats. Track audience progress through the funnel – from ad views, clicks, to app exits for exploring your site. Use this data to optimize ad success and boost conversions.

Select payment method

Crypto payment

MapMetrics supports crypto payments alongside credit and debit options. To pay with crypto, simply connect your wallet and transfer the desired amount. You’ll receive a confirmation email and invoice after payment.

Isometric illustration of a man standing behind a cash machine, surrounded by hovering logos of Mastercard, Visa, and MapMetrics coins. An adjacent invoice suggests that both fiat and crypto payments are accepted for cryptocurrency advertisement.
Isometric illustration of a squared section of road featuring a turquoise-colored car with an orange MapMetrics coin hovering above it, and a red scooter nearby with an orange envelope suspended above. A banner spans across the road indicating crypto earnings from driving, flanked by advertisements on the roadside

Gamified approach

User experience

Ads blend effortlessly into the user experience through a gamified, user-friendly approach, offering various benefits. By increasing earnings and offering additional benefits within the advertising display, users are more likely to engage with the ads and become more receptive to their messaging.

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