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Web3 mapping

Crypto navigation app 🗺️

Contribute live traffic data with the community through blockchain technology, improving navigation for all users while earning cryptocurrency.

Isometric illustration of a turquoise 'drive-to-earn crypto' car traveling from point A to B through a cityscape emerging from a phone lying flat. Above the car, a crypto coin hovers, symbolizing the cryptocurrency rewards earned during the drive.

Make the platform, get the rewards

The future of navigating

At MapMetrics, we’re developing a community-driven navigation app that empowers members to contribute to its content. By allowing users to update features within the app, our community actively collaborates to ensure the most up-to-date map experience is available for everyone.

Share live traffic and mapping data

Earn crypto while driving

Easily earn MMAPS by simply driving and using our navigation app. Like other navigation apps, you contribute crucial traffic data to our network. The difference? You’ll be rewarded with cryptocurrency, which will grow in value through our unique business model.

Isometric illustration of a turquoise 'drive-to-earn crypto' car on a phone lying flat, surrounded by vibrant crypto coins it's collecting. Beside the phone, colorful buildings stand tall, all depicted in vivid colors.
Isometric illustration of a woman standing on a platform in front of cubes showcasing NFTs, centered among user images. The scene is encircled by MapMetrics coins, suggesting the ability to select an NFT as a profile picture and earn while using the crypto app.

Be unique on the road

NFT as a profile picture

Be unique on the road by displaying your NFT for personal enjoyment or to share with others. Our app encourages users to showcase their NFTs while driving, creating a vibrant and engaging experience for the entire community.

Share live traffic and mapping data

Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet to access a range of crypto rewards with our Web3 navigation app. Earn MMAPS, tokens, coins, and NFTs for free. Easily transfer your earnings or boost your MMAPS value by investing in a MapMetrics stake NFT.

Isometric illustration of a phone displaying the MapMetrics navigation app logo, linked to a wallet icon. Surrounding this are floating MapMetrics coins and data sheets, hinting at the direct compensation drivers receive in cryptocurrency to their wallets.
Isometric illustration of a phone lying flat with a detailed cityscape on its screen. A hovering magnifying glass over a map, accompanied by traffic cones, data symbols, and location icons, surrounds the city, implying map metadata collection within the crypto navigation app.

Share live traffic and mapping data

Improve map metadata

We are building an app that empowers you to share real-time metadata updates. With your active participation, our map remains consistently accurate, outpacing technology's capabilities alone. Exalpes to update are:

Live traffic updates

Store hours information

Honest hotel reviews

Local event listings

and more

Stay annonymous

Protect your privacy

Using our Web3 method, there’s no need to share personal information. Simply create an account by connecting your crypto wallet and an email of your choice. This ensures your personal data stays private, and your online and offline presence remain separate.

Data Encryption
Data Protection
Data Anonymization
Web3 Method
Data Monetization
Data Utility
Data Visualization
Isometric illustration of a phone displaying a shield logo, with an orange lock hovering above it. Two lines emanate from the lock, connecting to an envelope symbolizing email and a Web3 wallet icon, emphasizing user privacy and the absence of personal data collection.
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