Navigation App

The heart of the community

The crypto navigation app is designed to be the heart of the community. By driving around you will share your information with the blockchain like any other navigation app, the difference now is that you are getting rewarded. 

MapMetrics App

Unique features only a crypto navigation app can provide.

World’s first crypto app navigation that rewards users with crypto and NFTs.

Use your own NFTs to set as your profile picture for personal use or for anyone on the road to see.

MapMetrics navigation app displayed on two iphones

Receive all the crypto earnings you make on the road directly into your crypto wallet.

Increase your earnings by updating live road traffic data to improve the platform for yourself and the community.

With the web 3.0 approach you will not need to use any personal data to create an account and start earning.

Three mobile phones displaying the MapMetrics crypto navigation app pages including the MMAPS crypto earning wallet, NFT wallet, and the coupon and discount wallet.

Share Live Traffic Data

Increase your earnings

The MapMetrics app will be interactive to improve your travel experience. This means that as part of the community you can share with others if there are roadblocks, speed cameras, or other factors which could impact your trip. By sharing this with the community you can increase your earnings.

Download the Navigation App

The MapMetrics navigation app will be free to download for Android and iOS. Users will be able to enjoy all the features of the app including:


Earn Crypto and NFTs while driving

Wallet (1)

Link your crypto wallet

Live updated road data


Use NFTs as drivers icon


Web 3.0 Privacy 

Two Andriod phones displaying the crypto wallet with MMAPS mined during driving and voting and a map with displayed NFTs placed on the road which you can earn while driving.
A phone which displays the earnings of the MapMetrics crypto navigation app wallet with behind it an SPT to mine crypto and NFTs.

Quality Data

Connect To Your SPT and Start Earning

After installing the app, you’re able to connect the SPT with your mobile or tablet to start earning tokens. The SPT will guarantee the quality of the shared information between the community and the blockchain. It protects the data by encrypting it within the device itself. We encourage you to read the white paper to learn more.