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DePIN Mapping

Crypto Navigation App 🗺️

Join the Mapster community and download the crypto navigation app today. Contribute to real-time traffic data and map updates using blockchain technology. Enhance your navigation experience while earning crypto. Your data, your choice.

Isometric illustration of a turquoise 'drive-to-earn crypto' car traveling from point A to B through a cityscape emerging from a phone lying flat. Above the car, a crypto coin hovers, symbolizing the cryptocurrency rewards earned during the drive.

Drive & Earn Crypto

Next-Gen Navigation

Revolutionize your navigation experience with MapMetrics, where you can actively shape the future of navigating. Our community-driven app enables you to contribute directly to its development. By engaging with our platform, not only do you ensure the most accurate and current maps, but you also gain rewards, enhancing user engagement across our network.

Get Rewarded With Crypto

Rewarding Navigation

Earn cryptocurrency effortlessly as you navigate with MapMetrics. This unique feature of our app allows you to contribute real-time traffic updates and mapping data while driving. As you share these valuable insights, our system rewards you with $MMAP tokens. Engage with our community-driven platform and transform every journey into an opportunity.

Isometric illustration of a turquoise 'drive-to-earn crypto' car on a phone lying flat, surrounded by vibrant crypto coins it's collecting. Beside the phone, colorful buildings stand tall, all depicted in vivid colors.

Showcase Your NFT Collection

Navigate With Style

Personalize your driving experience with our navigation app, which allows you to display your unique NFT collection as your driver avatar. Celebrate and share your love for digital art with fellow drivers, enriching everyone's journey. Your NFTs add a splash of color and personality to your presence on the road, making every trip uniquely yours.

Offset Your Environmental Impact

Carbon Neutral Driving

Join our eco-friendly driving community where you can earn XP points and crypto rewards for every mile you drive. Use these rewards to plant trees and offset your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener planet. Our app tracks your emissions as you drive, providing real-time insights into your environmental impact. Drive with purpose, earn rewards, and make a positive impact on the planet with every journey.

Download Maps Offline

Global Navigation

Get offline maps for global navigation anytime, anywhere. Never lose your way, even without connectivity. Our maps include metadata, ensuring you can search for stores, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Multilingual Crypto Navigation App

Multi-Language Mapper

Our multilingual navigation app offers seamless communication and guidance in any language, complemented by speech-enabled offline maps. Whether you're exploring bustling cities or remote landscapes, stay connected and navigate with ease, even without an internet connection. Download now and unlock a world of exploration!

Isometric illustration of a phone lying flat with a detailed cityscape on its screen, featuring a hovering magnifying glass over a map with traffic cones, data symbols, and location icons. This scene represents map metadata collection within the crypto navigation app, highlighting FAQs about its functionality.

Share Live Traffic and Mapping Data

Improve Map Metadata

Empower yourself to enhance the accuracy of our map with real-time metadata updates. Your contributions keep our map consistently reliable, surpassing the limitations of traditional technology.

Live traffic updates

Store hours information

Honest hotel reviews

Local event listings

and more

Unlock Crypto Rewards

Connect Your Wallet

Connect your digital wallet to unlock rewards like $MMAP, tokens, coins, and NFTs effortlessly. Your shared navigation data enhances app functionality and earns you valuable digital assets. Transform every journey into a crypto opportunity. Connect your wallet now!

Isometric illustration of a phone displaying the MapMetrics navigation app logo, linked to a wallet icon. Surrounding this are floating MapMetrics coins and data sheets, hinting at the direct compensation drivers receive in cryptocurrency to their wallets.

Stay annonymous

Protect your privacy

Experience unparalleled privacy with our innovative Web3 approach. Create a secure and anonymous account by linking your crypto wallet and an email address of your choice. Your personal data remains safeguarded, ensuring a seamless disconnect between your online and offline identities.

Data Protection
Web3 Method
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