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L'ecosistema economico di MapMetrics

Tokenomia di MMAP 🏦

MapMetrics offre token di utilità, noti come MMAP, che gli utenti possono guadagnare condividendo i propri dati attraverso la nostra innovativa app di navigazione criptata. La nostra strategia aziendale aumenta il valore di questi token mediante il loro riacquisto periodico dalla comunità. Questo approccio non solo aumenta il valore del token, ma fornisce anche informazioni sul valore dei dati condivisi dagli utenti.

Isometric illustration of a crypto phone, slightly tilted, with orange MapMetrics coins cascading from the screen. To the left, a 3D white bar graph stands, and to the right, a diminutive 3D pie chart.
Isometric illustration of a white semi-circle formed as stairs, with small people-shaped coins positioned on each step. In the center, a larger MapMetrics coin emerges, symbolizing its inception. In the forefront, an individual programs the scene, with a computer screen rising from the ground.

Il Valore dei Tuoi Dati

Tokenomia Trasparente

Il focus principale del progetto MapMetrics è stabilire il valore dei dati della comunità. Pertanto, l'84% dei token sarà distribuito tra i membri della comunità che mantengono la piattaforma. La tokenomia del progetto è visualizzata nel grafico per garantire completa trasparenza. Leggi di più sulla nostra tokenomia nel nostro whitepaper.

Distribuzione di token

100% of the total MMAP token supply.

Importo totale


84% MMAP available for earning.

Da guadagnare


1% of MMAP token distribution designated for the ICO.

Utilizzato per ICO


5% of MMAP token distribution allocated for marketing.



10% of MMAP token distribution allocated for the treasury.



Schema di ricompense

Stream 1

Ricompense dati SPT 75%

An orange bar displaying tokenomics value, now featuring SPT data rewards at 76%.

Gli utenti che contribuiscono i loro dati alla blockchain riceveranno ricompense.


Stream 2

Ricompense in-app 25%

A red bar displaying tokenomics value 20% to Mapmetrics

Gli utenti che forniscono dati in tempo reale extra all'interno dell'app riceveranno incentivi in-app.

Domande frequenti sulla tokenomica

MMAPS are utility tokens used within the MApMetrics app di navigazione criptovalutaria. Users earn these tokens in exchange for contributing their data to the platform. This system is designed to incentivize community participation and data sharing.

MapMetrics employs a strategy of repurchasing tokens from the community. This approach is aimed at boosting the tokens' value over time, making them more valuable for holders as the demand increases while adjusting the market supply.

A significant 84% of the total MMAP token supply is available for community members to earn by maintaining the platform and contributing data. This high percentage underscores the project's focus on community engagement and reward.

MMAP tokens can be used for various in-app purchases, such as planting trees or accessing other features. Additionally, these tokens are exchangeable on both decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX). The availability of MMAP tokens on these exchanges will expand over time, providing users with increased options for trading and utilization.

Data collected through the MapMetrics app is primarily utilized to reward users with MMAP tokens. Additionally, it aids in system maintenance and the enhancement of app functionalities. This data plays a crucial role in building the world's first decentralized Web3 map API, significantly contributing to the blockchain ecosystem and enriching the overall value and utility of the MapMetrics navigation platform, making it more robust and user-friendly.

MMAP is classified as a utility token, which primarily serves practical functions within the MapMetrics ecosystem, such as enabling in-app purchases and participation in data-sharing activities. This classification is important because it distinguishes MMAP from security tokens, which are subject to different regulatory standards. According to the Howey Test, an investment contract exists if there is an investment of money in a common enterprise with a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others. Since MMAP tokens are used to access services and benefits rather than for investment purposes with an expectation of profit primarily driven by the efforts of others, they typically do not meet the criteria of the Howey Test, framing them more clearly as utility tokens within regulatory perspectives.

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