Meet the team

The faces behind MapMetrics

We’re a growing team of crypto, digital, and marketing experts and leaders – full of energy and a positive approach. All with the same mindset, it’s the people will get rewarded for their data.

Brent van der Heiden

CEO & Founder

Full-funnel marketing specialist with 10+ years of experience and 5+ years working with geo-application-driven startups.

Jim van der Heiden

CTO & Co-Founder

Research and development RF/IOT Engineer with 4+ years designing experience in geolocation/IMU sensors and wireless communication protocols connecting to cloud/blockchain solutions

Nik Balashov

Finance Director

10+ years experience in investment banking and finance industry

George McCubbin


Intellectual property specialist, working for 10+ years in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights across Europe, USA and APEC

Peter van Brussel

Sales & Business Development

Business Dev & Partnerships specialist. Early employee at Deskbookers (acq.), BBA International Business, and a Web3 enthusiast.

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