Built-In NFT Features

Customized App Features and Advertising

MapMetrics is the world’s first crypto navigation app that will be making use of NFTs. Users are able to customize their profile and road icon and earn NFTs while driving.

An Andriod phone displaying the MapMetrics crypto navigation app and the feature to be unique on the road by using your own NFT as a profile icon for everyone to see.

Customize Your App

Be unique on the road and drive around using your own NFTs for other drivers to see or keep your profile private and enjoy your own customized drivers icon. Upload your own NFT or use tokens to buy the former on the MapMetrics platform. 

During your travel there will be lotteries where you can “drive by” NFTs that are located in random places and random times and collect them. When the NFT is collected, it will be sent to your wallet.

NFT Drop​

Advertisers are able to drop NFTs on the road for you to earn. These NFTs come in different formats like, art, discount codes, vouchers, and coupons, which will be automatically sent to your wallet when you drive by.

This way of promoting businesses will bring a new dimension to the world of advertising. Profits made via third parties will be shared with the community and MMAPS holders.

Two phones with both showing the MaMetrics navigation app with on one screen the MMAPS wallet and earnings made with the SPT miner and on the other screen a map with hidden NFTs on the road for users to earn.

The app will go live soon!

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Two Andriod phones displaying the crypto wallet with MMAPS mined during driving and voting and a map with displayed NFTs placed on the road which you can earn while driving.