Special Position Tracker

SPT stands for ‘Special Position Tracker’ and is the key to the MapMetrics network. Connect the SPT with the MapMetrics crypto navigation app to start earning MMAPS tokens. All earnings will be sent directly to your crypto wallet.

Check if your SPT is connected to your phone

Charging indicator

Hold button to turn off the device
Click once to vote (no)

Blinks when earning/ glows when limit has been reached

Battery indicator

Hold button to turn on the device
Click once to vote (yes)

A phone which displays the earnings of the MapMetrics crypto navigation app wallet with behind it an SPT to mine crypto and NFTs.
SPT Feature Benefits

How does it work?

The SPT collects and protects the user’s geolocation data which will be directly encrypted and shared via the app with the MapMetrics network. The built-in NFT makes you the official owner and can only be paired with your account.

Vehicle Specific Data

By making use of vehicle-specific SPTs, MapMetrics is able to measure traffic in even more depth than an average navigation app.

Encrypted Data

The data collected by the SPT will be encrypted within the device itself and shared via the app to the MapMetrics network. 

NFT Ownership

Every SPT will come with an NFT of ownership. Your SPT can only be used when the user owns the matching NFT in your wallet. 

Connect to SPT and start earning

It’s important to choose the right SPT that matches your vehicle. Via smart tracking and speed measurement, the SPT is able to detect if it’s attached to the right vehicle, increasing the data accuracy. The app will come with more intelligent features, which will help map out traffic in your area.