SPT Manual

The MapMetrics Special Position Tracker Monetize Your Geolocation Data with Crypto Rewards

The Special Position Tracker (SPT) is the key to the MapMetrics Network. Collected data is encrypted within the SPT to increase data protection. After the initial account setup, the SPT will automatically connect with your crypto enabled wallet. Your geolocation data is shared anonymously with the network ensuring the highest level of privacy. This manual will outline the basic operation of the SPT and highlight some key features.

SPT device laying sideways
$MMAPS Token Rewards
Encrypted Geolocation Data
Global Network Coverage
Incl. USB-C Rapid Charger
Bluetooth Connectivity
Unique Owner’s NFT

Earn Crypto Rewards for your Geolocation Data

The MapMetrics SPT is the first crypto enabled GPS tracker built to reward users with the native $MMAPS tokens for sharing and uploading geolocation data. The SPT offers the highest level of data security and encryption of user collected data while connecting and uploading to the MapMetrics network.

Operating the SPT

Power on

To turn your SPT on press the [X] button once. This will activate the power led light which confirms the SPT is on.

Instcrustion image how to turn on SPT with green circle hovering on the X button showing how to turn it on

Power off

To turn the SPT off hold the [X] button for 5 seconds. After this time the power led light will disappear indicating the device is turned off.

SPT imagine on how to turn off SPT with red circle on the x button of the device

Locking & Unlocking The SPT​

By holding the [✔] button down for 3 seconds, both the Bluetooth LED indicator and the Power Indicator will light up confirming the device has been locked. 

In order to unlock the SPT simply repeat.

SPT manual on how to Charging the SPT​

Charging the SPT​

An included USB-C Adaptor is used both to charge the SPT and also to power the device while in use. 

While the SPT is charging or attached to a power source, the 🔋 indicator will be illuminated.

Voting Function

(Future Release)

In a future update, the [✔] and [X] buttons will be utilized as part of an in-app voting system used to verify the accuracy of real-time traffic updates and road conditions. This voting system ensures the most up to date and accurate user generated map data. 

A [✔] indicates an Affirmative Vote

A [X] indicates a Negative Vote

SPT manual on Voting Function


When you will be asked to vote you can vote the following:

[cross button] – When you want to vote [no] or [negative]

How to connect your SPT

1. Turn on your SPT, go to menu and click on settings
MapMetrics crypto navigation app setting menu displayed on iPhone
2. Go to SPT connection
MapMetrics crypto navigation app setting menu displayed on iPhone
3. Click on connect new SPT and select your device
MapMetrics crypto navigation app SPT connection menu indicators

SPT Status

During your travel, you can check your SPT status without leaving the navigation menu. The circle surrounding the SPT icon in the top right corner will indicate the status.

  • Gray solid: Disconnected
  • Blue glowing: Connected
  • Green glowing: Earning
  • Red glowing: Low Battery/Second SPT near
  • Green solid: Day limit reached

Owner’s NFT

Every SPT comes with a unique NFT which serves as your proof of ownership. This NFT is required in order to receive $MMAPS token rewards. When connecting your SPT to the MapMetrics app for the first time, your Owner’s NFT will automatically be transferred to the crypto enabled wallet linked to your MapMetrics account. While it is not possible for the SPT to function without the Owner’s NFT, it is possible to link multiple SPTs to one central wallet as in the case of multiple fleet vehicles earning $MMAPS token rewards to one wallet.   

Bluetooth Connectivity

By utilizing Bluetooth technology, the SPT is able to connect with the MapMetrics app on any properly equipped mobile device. The stable connection optimizes data sharing and is able to detect when other devices are in a radius of ~10 meters (32 ft.). In the event a second device has been detected in the immediate vicinity of the SPT, token rewards are immediately disabled. This feature ensures the fair disbursement of rewards among all users and eliminates the possibility of fraudulent double earning. 


Charging Type


Battery Type

Build in

Battery life

~10 hours

Battery Temp Rating

0°C (32℉)  –  40°C (104℉)

Device Connectivity











Yes, the SPT can be used just like the MapMetrics app.

The SPT works across the world, you can even connect when you’re on Antarctica if you would like to.

You can place your SPT on a spot that is easy to reach and makes you not take your eyes off the road. Preferred on the dash to improve its GPS connection.

No you can’t because it duplicates data. As soon as another SPT is detected nearby, it will stop earning. Make sure you just use one per vehicle

You are able to have multiple devices in different vehicles end send all earnings to the same wallet. The earnings end up in the wallet with the key NFT. The only thing you need to do is make sure the key NFT is inside the wallet.

Yes, its possible to use the SPT while charing. There is also a fast charging option if you charge from USB-C to USB-C.