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SPT Manual 🛠️

The MapMetrics Network relies on the Special Position Tracker (SPT), which encrypts collected data for enhanced data and privacy protection. This guide will provide an overview of the SPT’s basic operation and highlight key features.

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Operating the SPT


Welcome to the world of SPT devices! In this guide, you’ll discover the ins and outs of operating your SPT device effectively.

Power on

Power on

To turn your SPT on press the ❌ button once. This will activate the power led light which confirms the SPT is on.

Power off

Power off

To turn the SPT off hold the ❌ button for 5 seconds. After this time the power led light will disappear indicating the device is turned off.

Locking & Unlocking

Locking & Unlocking

By holding the ✅ button down for 3 seconds, both the Bluetooth LED indicator and the Power Indicator will light up confirming the device has been locked.
In order to unlock the SPT simply repeat.

Charging the SPT

Charging the SPT

An included USB-C Adaptor is used both to charge the SPT and also to power the device while in use. While the SPT is charging or attached to a power source, the 🔋 indicator will be illuminated.

Positive Vote

Positive Vote

The ✅ will be used to vote positively. This means you confirm the question presented to you within the app.

Negative Vote

Negative Vote

The ❌ will be utilized for a negative vote. By doing so, you indicate disagreement with the question provided in the app.

Read Your Device

SPT Status ​

During your travel, you can check your SPT status without leaving the navigation menu. The circle surrounding the SPT icon in the top right corner will indicate the status.




Low Battery/Second SPT near

How to Connect Your SPT​

Your SPT automatically connects when turned on, and the Bluetooth on your device is activated. If your device does not connect, here are the steps you can follow to connect manually.


Turn on your SPT and click on settings

SPT Connection

Click on to SPT connection

Connect new spt

Click on connect new SPT and select your device

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Duplicate Data Prevention

Bluetooth Connectivity​

Using Bluetooth, the SPT connects to the MapMetrics app on compatible mobile devices. This strong connection enhances data sharing and detects nearby devices within ~10 meters (32 ft.). If another device is detected nearby, token rewards are instantly disabled to prevent unfair double earning and ensure fair distribution among users.

Reset Your Device

Hard Reset​

If your SPT becomes unresponsive, perform a hard reset by pressing both the ❌ and ✅ buttons simultaneously until reset is triggered. Hold both buttons for 60 seconds, then release and turn on the device by pressing ❌ once.

A compact and sleek SPT (Special Position Tracker) device, showcasing its front view with prominent sensors. The device's design reflects its advanced tracking capabilities and its potential for diverse applications.


Charging Type


Battery Type


Battery life

~10 hours

Battery Temp Rating

0°C (32℉) - 40°C (104℉)

Device Connectivity











Absolutely! The SPT is designed to function seamlessly anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Whether you're exploring bustling cities or remote destinations, the SPT maintains its connectivity. You can even stay connected while venturing to unique places like Antarctica. Our technology ensures that you can rely on the SPT's features regardless of your global location, as long as you're connected to the internet.

It's important to choose a location for your SPT that is easily accessible and allows you to keep your focus on the road. We recommend placing it on the dashboard, as this position not only enhances its GPS connection but also ensures that you can interact with it conveniently without diverting your attention from driving. Your safety is our priority, and the dashboard placement strikes a balance between accessibility and maintaining your concentration on the road ahead.

No, using multiple SPT devices at the same time is not possible, as it leads to data duplication. When another SPT device is detected in close proximity, the earning process is automatically halted. To ensure accurate tracking and fair rewards, we recommend using only one SPT device per vehicle. This practice helps maintain the integrity of the data and ensures that rewards are distributed fairly among users.

Certainly! You can switch between drives and utilize the SPT in different vehicles, as long as they are of the same type. Feel free to use multiple devices across various vehicles and consolidate the earnings into a single wallet. The essential aspect is to ensure that each SPT is correctly paired with the respective vehicle type. This flexibility allows you to maximize your earnings while adapting to different vehicles as needed. This versatility can be especially handy for effective fleet management.

Yes, it's possible to use the SPT while it's charging. Additionally, there's a fast charging option available when you charge the device using a USB-C to USB-C connection. This means you can continue using the SPT even when it's plugged in, and if you opt for fast charging, you can get back to using it quickly.

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