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The economic ecosystem of MapMetrics

MMAP Tokenomics 🏦

MMAPS are utility tokens earned through using the MapMetrics crypto navigation app in exchange for your data. Our business model focuses on repurchasing tokens from the community to boost their value and assess the value of your data.

Isometric illustration of a crypto phone, slightly tilted, with orange MapMetrics coins cascading from the screen. To the left, a 3D white bar graph stands, and to the right, a diminutive 3D pie chart.
Isometric illustration of a white semi-circle formed as stairs, with small people-shaped coins positioned on each step. In the center, a larger MapMetrics coin emerges, symbolizing its inception. In the forefront, an individual programs the scene, with a computer screen rising from the ground.

The value of your data

Transparent Tokenomics

The main focus of the MapMetrics project is to establish the worth of community data. Therefore, 84% of the tokens will be distributed among the community members who maintain the platform. The project’s tokenomics are displayed in the graph to ensure complete transparency. Read more about our tokenomics in our whitepaper.

Token Distribution​

100% of the total MMAP token supply.

Total amount


84% MMAP available for earning.

To be earned


1% of MMAP token distribution designated for the ICO.

Used for ICO


5% of MMAP token distribution allocated for marketing.



10% of MMAP token distribution allocated for the treasury.



Reward scheme

Stream 1

SPT data rewards 76%

An orange bar displaying tokenomics value, now featuring SPT data rewards at 76%.

Users who contribute their data to the blockchain will receive rewards.


Stream 2

In-app rewards 4%

A yellow bar displaying tokenomics value, now including in-app rewards at 4%

Users who provide extra live data within the app will be granted in-app incentives.

Stream 2

MapMetrics 20%

A red bar displaying tokenomics value 20% to Mapmetrics

This proportion will be allocated for system maintenance and enhancement of the app.

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