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Win a Bitcoin 🚀

or $100 in $DATAor $100 2blox Coins

Joining is easy! Just follow the rules for the free giveways you will find below. 👇





Monthly giveaway

Win $100 worth of $DATA

Tweet a screenshot of your node’s location from the Network Explorer using the hashtag #StreamrNodeTour.

A random time frame each month will be chosen to screenshot the location of the Streamr Spaceship. The node that is closest to the location of the spaceship at that time will win $100 worth of DATA tokens to stake with Zonaris, and one year’s node subscription for Zonaris!

The winner is announced on the @Streamr Twitter at the end of each month👇

Half of a grayish globe on a stand, accompanied by USB plugins. Above the globe, a magnifying glass reveals an orange pin symbolizing a Streamr node.
Spaceman riding a rocket, hand extended forward indicating motion, with a full moon in the background

Monthly giveaway

Win $100 2blox Coins

Grab your chance to unlock $100 in 2blox coins every month!

Step 1: Dive into the captivating world of CrowdQuest.
Register, use the code: 2BLOXMAPMETRICS, and participate in one of our quests! Already a contributor? Use the code in your account page.

Step 2: Light up Twitter! Share the buzz about our partnership with mapmetrics by copy pasting this tweet:

Dive into the collaboration between #2blox & #MapMetrics today. It's not just any game - there's a chance to win $100 in 2blox coins every month! All I did was share the news and got close to their cosmic journey. Feeling lucky and excited! 🚀 #DePIN #Collabs

Step 3: Zip your spacesuit, close your helmet, and get ready for launch! The winner is announced each month on the @2bloxaway twitter account👇

Learn more

Check out this video to learn how you can win a full bitcoin by simply driving with the MapMetrics navigation app

Join for free

How to win a free Bitcoin

Download the MapMetrics app, and you could win a Bitcoin! Every day, a Bitcoin-carrying rocket zooms around the world, and are able to catch it while navigating. The person who gets closest to the rocket by the end of the year wins. Don’t pass up this thrilling chance to win a Bitcoin!

Steer the rocket your way!

Increase your chances

Increase the chance that the rocket visits your country more often. Go to the Bitcoin Rocket page, quote the pinned message, and reply with #country. Through voting, you have the power to influence up to 25% of the rocket’s flight path. Stay updated on the rocket’s movements by joining our Twitter. Make sure you use the right hashtag for your country. 👇

Isometric illustration of a Bitcoin rocket launching from a pad surrounded by high-tech equipment. MMAP tokens are being produced nearby. Imagery includes a Twitter promotional icon, a globe indicating worldwide coverage, and people gathered around a table set against a city backdrop, all suggesting a 'win a free Bitcoin' promotion for the crypto navigation app.

Bitcoin Winner Rankings

Hand-drawn curly black arrow.

Check how close you are to winning the Bitcoin. Drop your wallet address in the search bar and see how high you are standing in the rankings!

Remember, each day brings a fresh opportunity for victory. By casting your vote for your country, you actively increase the chances of the rocket visiting your desired destination.

Are you a legitimate crypto project that would like to join the giveaway? Contact us here.

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