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Win $100 in Bitcoin 🚀

or $100 in $DATAor $100 2blox Coinsor $100 in $KRESTor a Free Remote Miner

Joining is easy! Just follow the rules for the free crypto giveways you will find below. 👇





Isometric illustration of a Bitcoin rocket launching from a pad surrounded by high-tech equipment. MMAP tokens are being produced nearby. Imagery includes a Twitter promotional icon, a globe indicating worldwide coverage, and people gathered around a table set against a city backdrop, all suggesting a 'win a free Bitcoin' promotion for the crypto navigation app.

Monthly giveaway

Win $100 in BTC!

Unlock the chance to score $100 in Bitcoin! It's easy—just follow the steps below. Remember, a new winner is selected every month.👇

Download the crypto navigation app

Connect your Solana wallet

Start driving in navigation mode

There's a rocket flying through the sky carrying $100 in Bitcoin, and the user closest to it by the end of the month will be our winner! Find out how close you are to claiming victory right here.

Monthly giveaway

Win $100 worth of $DATA

Tweet a screenshot of your node’s location from the Network Explorer using the hashtag #StreamrNodeTour.

A random time frame each month will be chosen to screenshot the location of the Streamr Spaceship. The node that is closest to the location of the spaceship at that time will win $100 worth of DATA tokens to stake with Zonaris, and one year’s node subscription for Zonaris!

The winner is announced on the @Streamr Twitter at the end of each month👇

Half of a grayish globe on a stand, accompanied by USB plugins. Above the globe, a magnifying glass reveals an orange pin symbolizing a Streamr node.

Monthly giveaway

Win $100 in $KREST!

Win $100 in $KREST every month!

The giveaway rocketship is taking off! The rules are simple.

Tweet this, tagging 2 friends: "Join the 🎉$KREST giveaway and shape the future of DePINs! You can win 💰 $100 in $KREST or even 1 full $BTC. Check out our landing page to learn more: 👀"

Also, follow @peaqnetwork here on Twitter and join their Discord

We will announce the winners every month, so make sure to stay tuned.

Monthly giveaway

Win a Free Remote Miner

Participate in Arkreen Talk or Arkreen Monthly AMA, ask questions during twitter space meeting and inform us by @arkreen. We will randomly select one lucky listener who will receive one Remote Miner.

The time for the live event will be announced on our Twitter account, please stay tuned.

A triumphant figure kneels in reverence before a globe, surrounded by a vibrant array of solar panels that represent renewable energy and the enduring value of financial prosperity. He holds a wealth of coins in his arms, signifying the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the financial landscape.

Bitcoin Winner Rankings

Hand-drawn curly black arrow.

See how close you are!

Secure your spot at the top of the leaderboard and win $100 in BTC when the month ends!

Curious about your current standing? Just enter your wallet address in the search bar to see how close you are to claiming victory and soaring past the competition.

Are you a legitimate crypto project that would like to join the giveaway? Contact us here.

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