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Win Free Bitcoin 🚀

Win $100 in Bitcoin effortlessly! Just follow the simple rules for our free crypto giveaway listed below. 👇

Win free Bitcoin! This isometric illustration features a Bitcoin rocket launching from a pad surrounded by high-tech equipment, with MMAP tokens being produced nearby. Included in the scene are a Twitter promotional icon and a globe symbolizing worldwide coverage. The imagery also shows people gathered around a table in a city setting, highlighting the 'win a free Bitcoin' promotion for the crypto navigation app.

Monthly Giveaway

Win $100 BTC!

Unlock the chance to score $100 in Bitcoin! It's easy—just follow the steps below. Remember, a new winner is selected every month.👇

Download the crypto navigation app

Connect your wallet

Start driving in navigation mode

There's a rocket flying through the sky carrying $100 in Bitcoin, and the user closest to it by the end of the month will be our winner! Find out how close you are to claiming victory right here.

Bitcoin Winner Rankings

Hand-drawn curly black arrow.

Win Free Bitcoin

Secure your spot at the top of the leaderboard and win $100 in BTC when the month ends!

Curious about your current standing? Just enter your wallet address in the search bar to see how close you are to claiming victory and soaring past the competition.

Bitcoin Giveaway FAQs

  1. Download the App: Start by downloading the MapMetrics crypto navigation app.
  2. Connect Your Wallet: Link your wallet to the app to participate in the giveaway.
  3. Drive and Track the Rocket: Once everything is set up, activate the navigation mode and start driving. The app compares your location to that of the rocket to position you on the Bitcoin ranking sheet.
    How It Works: You can view the rocket live along with its coordinates. When you start driving with the app open, your coordinates will be compared with those of the rocket. The closer you get to the rocket, the better your chances of winning. The closest distance you achieve will be recorded, so you can start your journey at any time that suits you.
    Monitoring the Rocket's Path: While you're not driving, you can watch the rocket’s journey through a live YouTube stream provided by MapMetrics. This stream shows the rocket's current location and its intended path in real-time. Watching this can help you plan your driving routes strategically to increase your chances of winning.
    Winning the Challenge: The participant who remains closest to the rocket's path by the end of the month wins $100 in Bitcoin. This interactive challenge is designed to be engaging and fair, allowing you to check the rocket’s position at your convenience and adjust your strategy accordingly. Each month offers a new opportunity to compete and win, ensuring that all participants have an equal chance to succeed.
    Monthly Promotion Cycle: This promotion runs every month, and the leaderboard is reset at 00:00 CET on the first day of each month, making it a fresh game for everyone again.

A new winner is selected every month. Make sure to participate monthly and maintain your activity in the app to be eligible for each giveaway.

To see your current standing, enter your wallet address in the search bar of the Bitcoin ranking. This will show you how close you are to winning and your position on the leaderboard.

Yes, the giveaway is available in your country as it is a worldwide promotion. However, please review the rules regarding winning rewards in your own country before entering, as the project will adhere to these rules and determine the winner accordingly. If your country prohibits such rewards, the prize will be awarded to the next eligible participant on the list.

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