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AMA 2 – All you need to know about the Special Position Tracker

In this blog post we are summarizing our second AMA, we will discuss everything you need to know about SPT – including how it works and how you be part of the world’s first web 3.0-based navigation app by joining the community.

1. What is a Special Position Tracker (SPT)

The Special Position Tracker (SPT) is a key component of MapMetrics’ network. The built-in NFT makes you the official owner and can only be paired with your account, increasing accuracy for all users’ data collected on it as well.

Below are the five components that make up the tracker are all designed with one goal in mind – collecting data while being as accurate, durable, and seamless.


The SPT is such a clever invention. Not only does it connect your device with the app, but also uses Bluetooth so you never have to worry about losing any data again!

Special Position Tracker Sensors

The user’s every move will be tracked and recorded by the SPT sensors, which are super accurate. The GPS location of each data block is validated for security purposes too!

USB-C Port

The universal USB-C port on the SPT allows you to power-charge your phone before and during use. This makes it perfect for international users.

The SPT has a 1000mAh battery that can charge fully within +/- 2 hours. You’ll get 10+ hours of usage time while Bluetooth connected or sitting idle for several days if needed.

Weatherproof Case

The cover is specially designed to protect the internal hardware in harsh conditions like dust and water. It’s perfect for taking with you on your next adventure!

You can find more information on the specs of the SPT on the Techtics Engineering technology page.

2. Why is the SPT needed

To protect the data from theft or manipulation, we need to encrypt it. What we’re doing is encrypting the data before we send it to the phone and sharing it with our network. Meaning the encryption takes place within the SPT itself.

For example an android, it’s very easy to spoof that data. So you might as well hack the phone itself, and just mess with the GPS data.

You may simply install a VPN and be in any place on the globe while merely changing data from the comfort of your sofa.

Obviously, we want to avoid this from happening. People will find a way to profit without having to put in any effort.

So, it’s good for the person but not for the project since we need real data on who is on the road and we need to sell that data to third parties.

If it’s phony, it provides no value, so we can assure our third parties that we have legitimate data to offer beyond just phone data.

You can find more about our data protection in the MapMetrics white paper.

3. Why are there three different types

As previously said, we’re protective about our data quality and quantity, Which is setting us apart from our competition which is mainly focusing on single phone data.

The data our competitors are collecting is the number of phone users on the road, but they don’t know if it’s a bike or a car or just phone data, which will be a data package we are able to provide to get a more accurate picture of road traffic. This additional data can be very valuable for third parties.

For example, a city council – where the most bicycles are moving about in order to construct a bicycle lane. Moreover, we can tell where the most electrical vehicles are so that they may install charging stations.

We have that extra data, which makes it far more valuable than simply collecting information over the phone, and providing that additional layer allows us to compete with bigger navigation applications.

Here you can find more information on how we are going to increase the value of the token users are earning and who is going to invest.

4. How will it sync with the app

When you receive your SPT, you must download the app to your phone or device before connecting it. This will allow you to sync your SPT via Bluetooth. As soon you download the app it will ask you to create an account that will guide you to the whole setup process.

When you’ve created your wallet within the app with an account, the system knows the serial number of the SPT. This allows the network to send over an NFT to your wallet to verify the process and make you the official owner.

The NFT is a node that ensures that you’re the only one who can sync your SPT. It will protect you when someone else gets hold of it. It will be pointless to steal someone’s SPT because you’ll need the NFT in your wallet to connect with your SPT, which offers a significant anti-theft measure.

5. Data quality protection

One of the key features we’re going to discuss is that there’s Bluetooth built-in, but not only just to connect with your phone.

It can also detect other SPTs if they are close by. When you’re in traffic and another SPT is nearby, nothing will happen, but if you have two SPTs next to one another in your vehicle for more than five minutes, they’ll both stop earning. This is to prevent mining farming and data manipulation as well.

If for example, 20 SPTs were located in one vehicle, the app would register this as a traffic jam on wheels, which going around would be ridiculous. We want to create an app with helpful and trustworthy data and an optimized user experience.

Next to it, there will be Wi-Fi inside of the SPT. By using Wi-Fi our users are able to update the firmware inside. It will also allow the user to upgrade the encryption code on a monthly basis to keep the data transmission safe and protected.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s SPT in a nutshell. While we can’t tell you everything about SPT here, we hope that this article has given you a good overview of what our data protection is all about.

We are extremely excited about the Special Position Tracker and how it will reward our users for their navigation skills.

If you want to be one of the first people to start earning tokens with MapMetrics, join our community today! 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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