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Receiving your Key to the MapMetrics Community

It’s been several months of waiting, reading, and rereading the white paper, tuning in to our AMAs, and connecting with fellow Mapsters in our Community Discord… Now what? 

By this time you should have downloaded the free MapMetrics app and connected your Solflare wallet which is where we will send your $MMAPS rewards. You’re now ready to receive your Special Position Tracker (SPT) and connect to the MapMetrics Network. We’ll go over the next steps of your MapMetrics journey and recap some key points that will ensure success in navigating your way through this process while maximizing token rewards and ensuring the highest level of security and privacy. For a full explanation of how the SPT works and the technology inside, you can refer back to the Witboek and our previous AMAs. We’ll focus on a few key points as well as the main deliverables you can expect.     

What will I receive with my SPT?

Whether you ordered your SPT for use with a car, a motorcycle, or a bicycle, three things remain constant. First is the SPT. You’ll receive the device for your chosen mode of transportation. Each version of the SPT is nearly identical in design and is equipped with the exact same functionality for navigation and token rewards. Inside your device is a bluetooth sensor for connectivity, data transfer, and communication with other devices. An internal gps sensor is utilized for location verification. Along with the SPT you’ll receive a USB charger capable of delivering a full charge in less than 2 hours giving you 10+ hours of battery life under normal conditions with the included 1,000 mAh battery. This allows for nearly 5 days of data collection and token rewards based on current limits of 2 hours per day per device for token rewards. 

The Owner’s NFT

The second constant, the “key” to gaining access to the MapMetrics app as well as the MapMetrics community lies with the one-of-a-kind Owner’s NFT that comes with each SPT we sell.  Once you connect your SPT to the MapMetrics app for the first time, your unique Owner’s NFT will automatically be transferred to your wallet. This NFT will be required to be held in the owner’s Solflare wallet in order for the SPT to properly function and earn $MMAPS. Should your device be lost or stolen, it will effectively be rendered useless by not having the ability to connect to another crypto-enabled wallet not containing the corresponding Owner’s NFT.  


This Owner’s NFT affords you the option to transfer your SPT between multiple vehicles such as those belonging to friends or family members with all token rewards being sent to your connected wallet containing the NFT. You’ll also have the ability to connect your wallet to multiple SPTs operating simultaneously in the event you are equipping several vehicles with their own individual trackers while having all $MMAPS rewards from each vehicle sent to your wallet which holds your unique Owner’s NFT. As you can see, the Owner’s NFT truly is the key to the MapMetrics data and $MMAPS rewards.

MapMetrics banner key NFT

Bonus Collectible NFT

Lastly, depending on when you placed your order for your Special Position Tracker, you’ll be receiving a second one-of-a-kind Bonus NFT. When it was placed, your order was grouped together along with others that fell within a specified range of dates. Each order of the first five batches will include one additional Bonus NFT. These bonus NFTs will be unique with the earliest NFTs minted featuring the rarest traits. Like the Owner’s NFT, this second NFT will be sent to your Solflare wallet the first time you connect your SPT to the app. These NFTs can be used as your icon within the MapMetrics ecosystem distinguishing you from other Mapsters. Since each Bonus NFT is unique with different traits and levels of rarity, you are also free to collect them and even trade them with other Mapsters as these NFTs are not required for the app to work or for the token reward system.

A Community of Road Users

With your app downloaded and your SPT connected, you’re now ready to join the thousands of other Mapsters out there on the road and in the MapMetrics Community. Moving forward you’ll play an integral part in keeping the map data current while contributing to this first of its kind, blockchain based navigation project. In the coming months we’ll be introducing new features and looking to our community for feedback on what features you’d like to see, what is or isn’t working, and what you want improved upon. As we’ve said from the beginning, the MapMetrics project is one created by the community, for the community. Welcome to the MapMetrics Community.

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