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AMA 4 – ICO, नेविगेशन एप्लिकेशन, SPT अपडेट्स, और अधिक

During this AMA we are going to cover:

  • The app and the progress we have made 
  • The status of the SPTs 
  • The upcoming ICO all the ins and outs
    • ICO buying guide 
    • Vesting period
    • Referral scheme
    • Payment methods 

Watch our AMA 4 here: 

The progress we have made so far on the app

The development of the क्रिप्टो नेविगेशन एप्लिकेशन is going great and is almost ready for testing.
Our first rounds of testing are scheduled for the end of May and will continue until the launch date. We are still very much on track with the deadlines.

Here is a recap of what we have been working on so far:

From the start, we have been building a brand new navigation app from scratch by using open-source street maps. This is a very time-consuming and long process that allows us to be independent of the big map companies out there and will allow us to compete with them in the future. 

Why is this so important?

By building a navigation app from scratch we can start building our very own map API, this means that other apps can later integrate MapMetrics map into their own apps. Think for example about taxi or food delivery apps. They all use a map API. 

A great example is Uber, they are paying Google USD 58 million every year to use Google Maps API. When we are joining that side of the business, all earnings will go to our users, because as you know, third parties have to buy MMAPS to get our data, the same token our users will be earning.

The incentive for those companies to use us instead of for example Google is because we are giving their money to our users, which is of course an amazing selling point. On top of that, it will create brand loyalty. 

There is also a difference between our maps and that of our competitors. We are building a web 3.0 map, which means that our map will always be updated by the community, which gives us a huge competitive advantage.

The status of the SPTs

We can inform you that the SPTs have been tested and are fully operational. All hardware is in place and we are finishing the development of the firmware. They now have been sent over to our development team to link with the app. It’s very important to us that the earning experience will be frictionless and therefore they will be tested thoroughly in different conditions.
This month they will also be sent to Belgium where they will get US and Europe certified.

ICO updates before the launch

Everything is set for the ICO.

Our development team has built a portal on our website where you can create an account and start purchasing MMAPS.

The following steps need to be taken:

  • Create the account and confirm your login
  • Add your Solflare wallet 
  • Fill out the KYC 
  • Transfer the amount of crypto or cash to the assigned account
  • Refer friends or family to earn additional MMAPS

All our accounts are linked to MapMetrics B.V. and are registered with the Dutch government.

ICO buying guide

There will be a full step-by-step guide provided on the 29th of May which will help you to make the purchase safely. We also teamed up with Passive Crypto who is going to make a full video tutorial on this topic as well. The video will be circulated on our social channels and blog so keep an eye out.

Vesting period

There will be a vesting period till the project goes live. This means that everyone will receive the tokens on the same day the app goes live and the SPTs will be shipped. 

Referral scheme

There will be an ICO referral scheme in place. This will include a bonus of 250 MMAPS for every referral you make and 250 MMAPS for the person you have referred. This means a total bonus of 500 MMAPS.

(No referral limit)  

Payment methods

During our ICO we will accept the following payments:

Fiat: US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro 


Wrapping up

We also would like to remind everyone that there will be several income streams as mentioned in our business model

Third parties have to buy MMAPS to start advertising on the platform. 

When you think about the fact that Google ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn, you name it, charge companies between 1 to 3 dollars for a click on the ad, and we bring this to our platform, it will mean that those 1 to 3 dollars end up your pocket. 

We can recommend watching the full AMA and if you have any questions, feel free to join our social channels. 

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