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Your Platform, Your Rewards

Who is MapMetrics’ customer and how does the sharing of my data with the customer benefit me?

Your Platform

What sets MapMetrics apart from other navigation apps is the ownership of the data and the reward structure that has been put in place to incentivize the creation and updating of the app. Currently, mobile apps for navigation are owned by private entities making money off of your contributed data. This is where we at MapMetrics take a turn. Built on the Solana blockchain, users of the MapMetrics app will be rewarded with the native $MMAPS token both for sharing data collected by the Special Position Tracker (SPT) and for improving the overall vehicle-specific navigation process with an in-app reward system. The latter will include notifying the community of such things as current road conditions or construction projects to help to optimize your navigation experience with the best route options as well as updating the app with data on local businesses such as hours of operation, customer ratings, and special promotions. 

The Customer Experience

The customer base of MapMetrics includes businesses, institutions, and any person or entity in need of MapMetrics-specific data or access to the MapMetrics API. An online retailer of specialized performance auto parts may request data from a specific subset of users based on the make and model of the vehicle. A brick-and-mortar hot dog and milkshake restaurant opening up in Sherman Oaks, CA may want to create an in-app advertising program consisting of billboard or pop-up ads and a branded NFT you can earn for visiting their establishment.

When these companies want to advertise, they must purchase $MMAPS tokens. In order to simplify the process for business owners, fiat currency will be accepted by MapMetrics and will immediately be converted into $MMAPS. Once MapMetrics receives their fiat currency in exchange for $MMAPS, a portion of the tokens will be immediately burned. The burning of tokens reduces the circulating supply of $MMAPS.

Your Rewards

It should be clear that the overall goal of MapMetrics is to build the first decentralized vehicle navigation app for use worldwide by operators of cars and trucks, motorcycles, and even bicycles. Additionally, we’re committed to rewarding you, the MapMetrics community, for your contributions. As stated above, with current Web2 navigation apps, all of the revenue derived from the use of the app ends up with the corporate entity controlling the data. We’re committed to directing that revenue via token rewards to the owners of the data, our community.

You’re being rewarded every time a business accesses your MapMetrics data or advertises within the app’s ecosystem. Additionally, through a planned promotional feature, MapMetrics users can earn a percentage of revenue through a rewards-based referral program (more to come on the advertiser referral program)

Building Community

The MapMetrics team is focused on transparency; from the invaluable data the community contributes to the app, to the sharing of revenue earned from the sale of advertising and access to the map’s API. MapMetrics use of blockchain technology ensures the highest level of transparency. Our developers are working behind the scenes to put out the best product we can. We rely on your input and feedback to make this all possible from improvements to the existing technology to new features that the community wants to see integrated into the app as we continue to build this project together. This is your platform and these are your rewards…

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