FAQs About MapMetrics​

Welcome to the FAQs page for MapMetrics, the revolutionary crypto navigation app that allows you to earn while you explore. Here, you'll find answers to all your pressing questions about how MapMetrics integrates cutting-edge blockchain technology to enhance your travel experience. Whether you're curious about how to start earning crypto and NFTs, the functionality of our app, or privacy details, this page is designed to assist you. Dive into our helpful sections below to learn more about the world's first crypto navigation system and how you can make the most out of every journey. Ready to start? ​

Isometric illustration of a phone lying flat with a detailed cityscape on its screen, featuring a hovering magnifying glass over a map with traffic cones, data symbols, and location icons. This scene represents map metadata collection within the crypto navigation app, highlighting FAQs about its functionality.

The SPT is programmed to generate approximately 110 $MMAP per hour, provided it is used in accordance with the rules outlined in the Litepaper.

探査段階全体で、SPTと共有されるデータブロックは最大で1日220 $MMAPに制限されます。




MapMetricsの主な利点は、利益をユーザー間で分配するためにブロックチェーン技術を活用していることにあります。 データ販売と広告収益から生成された収益の一部は、私たちのホワイトペーパーに従ってすべての$MMAP保有者と共有されます。 プラットフォームに貢献する人々がそれが生み出す報酬を受け取るべきだと強く信じています。


To purchase a Special Position Tracker, commonly known as SPT, visit Techtics Engineering. This platform offers the specific technology required for MapMetrics users. For more information and to make a purchase, please follow this link to their website: Techtics エンジニアリング.


Learn more about the features and benefits of SPT devices at MapMetrics SPT Device Information.


MapMetrics has chosen peaq as their blockchain technology partner primarily because peaq excels in the Decentralized Positive Externalities Network (DePIN) sector. This choice aligns with MapMetrics' innovative approach to navigation, enabling users to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs as they travel. Peaq's blockchain platform is designed to support and reward positive contributions to networks, making it an ideal match for MapMetrics' user-centric rewards system, which incentivizes engagement and enhances the overall user experience in the travel and navigation industry.