Frequently Asked Questions

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Phase one data block earnings.

The SPT will generate an estimated 110 MMaps per hour.

Considering the SPT is used accordingly and following the rules stated in the Whitepaper.

During our exploring phase, the data blocks shared with the SPT will be hard-capped at 220 MMaps a day.

The token distribution is done by data blocks that will be sent over time while driving/riding. Meaning, the rewards will be earned over the time spend on the app. The travel distance will not influence the number of tokens that can be earned.

The SPT will function as your key to the community. Without it you’re not able to earn any MMaps. The SPT will guarantee the quality of the data shared with the blockchain and can’t be manipulated. Without the SPT we cannot guarantee the high-quality standard which we are striving for.

The SPT comes in three different units so the system is able to generate quality data for each mode of transport. It will enable MapMetrics not only to measure traffic, but specific traffic. This will increase the value of the data collected and will give a tailored travel experience for different vehicles.

Yes, the app will be free. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the best navigation experience which we thrive to create.

MapMetrics is using the Solana blockchain for its low latency and low transaction fees. Solana has a high transaction throughput that is able to handle 50,000 transactions per second, this makes the blockchain future-proof and Solana the perfect partner for the MapMetrics project.

Our SPTs will be sold by our partners Techtics Engineering. They will be responsible for the development and distribution of the SPTs. They are a registered company in the Netherlands and have to follow European consumer law.

Company Info:

Address: Keurenplein 4, 1069 CD Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Chamber of commerce: KVK 77412303

Founded: 21 February 2020

Not at all, it will be profitable for everyone on the road. Obviously, the more you’re on the road, the more you earn. But you can also increase your earnings by reporting live road conditions like speed cameras, roadblocks, and more.

Yes, it will be possible to have multiple devices directed to one wallet. It’s important to mention that the SPT needs to be in a different vehicle and connected to a phone.

Creating a MapMetrics wallet is very easy and can be done in 7 steps.

A guide will be provided after the ICO ends.

MapMetrics will be launched worldwide.

The main advantage of MapMetrics is that we are using blockchain technology to share the profits with our users. All revenue made on data sales and advertisements profits will partly redistributed to all MMAPs holders as described in our whitepaper. We truly believe that when you make the platform, you should get the rewards.

Like other navigation apps, MapMetrics will ask the users to set up an account. The difference is that we will not ask for personal data. Only general information will be asked and an ID will be made to create a persona for marketing purposes.

If you still have any questions or you want to learn more about our project,

please join one of our community channels and ask our staff and the community: