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Frequently Asked Questions

MapMetrics Project FAQ: Answers to Common Questions

The SPT is projected to generate approximately 110 $MMAP per hour, provided it is used in accordance with the rules outlined in the Litepaper.

Throughout our exploratory phase, the data blocks shared with the SPT will be restricted to a maximum of 220 $MMAP per day.

Absolutely! You can earn free $MMAP by using our navigation feature. The cryptocurrency you receive serves as a reward for interacting with in-app advertisements.

Token distribution occurs through data blocks that are progressively transmitted during driving/riding. This implies that rewards are earned based on the duration spent using the app, with travel distance having no impact on the number of tokens that can be accrued.

The SPT will function as your key to the community. Without it, you’re not able to earn any $MMAP. The SPT will guarantee the quality of the data shared with the blockchain and can’t be manipulated. Without the SPT we cannot guarantee the high-quality standard that we are striving for.

Yes, it will be possible to have multiple devices directed to one wallet. It’s important to mention that the SPT needs to be in a different vehicle and connected to a phone.

The primary benefit of MapMetrics lies in our utilization of blockchain technology to distribute profits among our users. A portion of the revenue generated from data sales and advertising profits will be shared with all $MMAP holders, in accordance with our whitepaper. We firmly believe that those who contribute to the platform should reap the rewards it generates.

The SPT comes in three different units so the system is able to generate quality data for each mode of transport. It will enable MapMetrics not only to measure traffic, but specific traffic. This will increase the value of the data collected and will give a tailored travel experience for different vehicles.

Absolutely, the app is completely free. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can access and enjoy the finest navigation experience we're dedicated to providing.

MapMetrics utilizes the Solana blockchain due to its remarkable attributes of low latency and minimal transaction fees. With an impressive transaction throughput of up to 50,000 transactions per second, Solana stands as a future-proof blockchain, making it an ideal match for the MapMetrics project.

Not at all, the benefits extend to all road users. Naturally, the more time you spend on the road, the more you stand to earn. Additionally, you can enhance your earnings by actively reporting real-time road conditions such as speed cameras, roadblocks, and other relevant updates.

MapMetrics operates globally, allowing you to pre-download maps for the entire world and utilize the navigation system offline, regardless of your location.

Similar to other navigation apps, MapMetrics will request users to create an account. The distinction lies in our approach—we won't request personal data. We prioritize user privacy, ensuring that no personal information is collected. This means you remain anonymous, and we do not have access to any identifiable information about our users.

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