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MapMetrics Roadmap

At MapMetrics, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our roadmap is not just a plan, but a commitment to continuously seek improvements and evolve. We understand the importance of adapting to the fast-paced changes of the crypto landscape. Thus, we always keep an open channel for feedback and actively listen to our users to refine and advance our progress. Together, let's navigate the future of crypto!

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New navigation features

Q1 2023

• SPT firmware update
• SPT in-app menu update
• $MMAPS NFT staking
• Business portal
• In-app advertising
• Free crypto drop


Q2 2023

• App navigation update
• Invite a friend in-app
• New map
• Networking
• NFT/Crypto drop promotions
• Affiliate program
• Marketing
• SEO optimization
• Website update

AI and partnerships

Q3 2023

• AI search integration research
• Ongoing app development
• Bug fixes
• Marketing
• Push main campaign
• Business portal reach out
• Onboarding third parties
• Partnerships

• Launch v2 token

App synergy acceleration

Q4 2023

• AI integration
• Marketing strategy
• Onboarding third parties
• Mass adoption
• Increased in-app features


Q1 2024

• P2P map hosting research
• P2P driver display research
• P2P voting research
• Marketing
• Driver data


Q2 2024

• P2P map hosting deployment
• P2P driver display deployment
• P2P voting deployment
• Marketing
• Driver data

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