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MapMetrics Ads & $MMAPS Buyback

At MapMetrics, we recognize the value of your geolocation data. We also appreciate the value you hold in your security and privacy. We’ll collect and monetize this data while protecting your privacy and security. There is no personal information required to contribute to the network. With our business model, we generate revenue from the sale of advertising on the platform. Your geolocation data is what drives businesses to advertise with MapMetrics.

The Business Model

MapMetrics will use a percentage of ad revenue to buy back $MMAPS from the community. We will also reinvest part of the revenue back into the project. This model allows us to see real transparency around the value of the data we collect. At the same time, the community is further rewarded for their contribution to the network.  The MapMetrics Web3 navigation app and connected SPT collects users’ geolocation data. This data generates insightful and valuable live road data sets. The SPT allows for the secure collection of this data. A tecnologia blockchain allows for the protection of your privacy.  The following is a list of potential use cases of the data we collect…

  • Location-based advertising
  • Sale of data packages
  • Access to our Web3 API real-time updates
  • Third-party onboarding

Use Case - Burto's Pizzeria, Advertising In Action

Burto’s Pizzeria wants to advertise on the MapMetrics Platform. We’ll follow the process of collecting and distributing their advertising dollars.

crypto sales infographic how showing the money flow of advertisements within the MapMetrics crypto web3 navigation app

Step 1

Burto’s Pizzeria uses the MapMetrics app to advertise. Their initial budget is $100.  The first 50% ($50) of their advertising revenue goes to MapMetrics. This money is for maintenance of  the platform and reinvestment in the company.

Step 2

MapMetrics will split up the remaining 50% ($50) and reinvest back into the $MMAPS token. From the $50,  5% ($5) goes into the liquidity pool to ensure the token’s stability.

Step 3

We’ll use the remaining 45% ($45) of Burto’s advertising budget to buy back $MMAPS from the community.  Once purchased, we will burn these tokens, decreasing the circulation.

**Bonus - Affiliate $$

Every MapMetrics user will have an affiliate code to share & increase their earnings. When a business buys advertising using your code, you’ll receive a 10% commission. The idea is simple. Spread the word about MapMetrics and earn more $MMAPS rewards.

Joe Mapster is a customer at Burto’s Pizzeria. Joe explains the MapMetrics project to Burto. He gives his code to Burto who then buys some advertising. Each time Burto advertises, he automatically uses  the code. To incentivize Burto, he receives a discount with the code.  Each time he uses the code, he will receive a 15% bonus to his advertising budget. His $100 budget is now worth $115.

Going forward, Joe’s contribution to the network results in ongoing $MMAPS rewards. Burto’s ongoing use of Joe’s discount code means a 15% bonus on top of his monthly advertising budget. This is win-win for all involved and ongoing support and growth of the MapMetrics network.

Seeing the Value of the Data

MapMetrics is a project that focuses on seeing the value of your geolocation data. When companies use the MapMetrics platform, we invest back into the project and the token. We make this reinvestment into our community.  This process helps us understand the value of the data and how that data benefits the community.


We are covering the above in detail during our latest AMA which you can watch down here.  

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