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More $MMAPS, Ads & A Robust Community

In the coming weeks, MapMetrics will focus on new token rewards and growing the user base.  We’re getting closer to a complete web3 navigation experience. To increase app downloads, users will now be able to earn a small amount of $MMAPS without an SPT. 

We’ll reward users for using certain in app features. 

While navigating to your destination, you will collect $MMAPS tokens along your route. These extra token rewards will allow us to grow the community and improve the platform.

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Advertising on the Platform

One of the main drivers for advertising dollars is the size of the user base. This increase in app downloads means a larger user base and more eyes for our advertisers. The more people using the app means more visibility for each ad on the platform. More visibility means increased advertising revenue. This revenue will help the future growth of MapMetrics. 

Three iPhones displaying the MapMetrics web3 navigation app while navigating with the free MMAPS drop, redeem button and advertising space.

Advertising to Buy Back $MMAPS

Local stores, online retailers, and crypto projects will advertise on the MapMetrics platform. In the same manner as the bonus $MMAPS, users will collect their ads and special promotions. 

As outlined in our white paper, money invested by advertisers will be used to buy $MMAPS tokens. We will burn a percentage of these tokens increasing the circulating supply. You can learn more about the token buyback in our next article “MapMetrics buying back your $MMAPS”.

SPT Holders Benefit the Most

The real value of the MapMetrics platform lies in our encrypted and secured data. The SPT collects this data for use in our API and live traffic mapping. The bulk of rewards will continue to go to SPT holders. You will be able to earn the extra tokens on top of your SPT rewards. Navigation rewards will represent a small percentage of the total rewards. We see this as a way to introduce new users to the platform and the web3 experience. This introduction to web3 will result in a more robust community. The core of the community, the SPT holders, benefit most from this growth.

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