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man walking through desert with gun in his hnds and a huge bug looking like a fly in the background

Bug Hunting Season

The full MapMetrics project is going live on the 28th of August. This will include the launch of the crypto navigation app and delivery of the SPTs to our first customers. To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, the app has been fully tested by our team and third parties. Regardless, when apps go live for the first time, it’s inevitable some bugs will show up because of the variety of different mobile phone devices, operating systems,  and other unforeseen elements. 

Note: none of the above will have any impact on the earnings of our SPT users

Enter lottery by reporting bugs

To tackle the unforeseen issues, we are opening the “Bug Hunting Season”. This will allow the community to help us track down bugs they find in the app so our team can start fixing them as soon as possible. We are opening a ticket channel on our Discord where users can share their issues with us. When you share an issue, your request will automatically turn into a lottery ticket which allows you to win one of the following prices:

  1. $300 in $MMAPS
  2. $200 in $MMAPS
  3. $100 in $MMAPS 

Together with the community, we can make the app work as smooth as possible for everyone to enjoy its potential to its fullest. After phase one and bug fixing lots of other implementations will follow which you, as a community member, will have a say in as well. 

Moreover, we will open a suggestion channel and play back some of the recommendations to the community which they can prioritize.

MapMetrics’ goal is to create a navigation app built by the community, for the community, You make the platform, you get the rewards. 

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