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NFT Staking Tutorial

In this MapMetrics staking tutorial, we are going through the steps on how to mint and stake your MapMetrics NFTs.

Here you can find the NFT staking page: https://staging30.mapmetrics.org/staking-nfts/

By staking one of the MapMetrics staking NFTs you will receive an interest that you can claim on a daily basis. This way you can put your acquired or earned $MMAPS to work. There are three different levels of interest depending on your preferences. The following packages will come with different sets of rules.

Bronze Package

  • Earn 3% $MMAPS APR
  • 25,000 $MMAPS are required to mint your NFT
  • Minimum staking period of 2 months

Silver Package

  • Earn 8% $MMAPS APR
  • 75,000 $MMAPS are required to mint your NFT
  • Minimum staking period of 4 months

Gold Package

  • Earn 12% $MMAPS APR
  • 150,000 $MMAPS are required to mint your NFT
  • Minimum staking period of 6 months

The portals are powered by:

NFT minting – METAPLEX

NFT staking – Cardinal

Both parties are reputable platforms in the cryptocurrency industry and have been chosen for their reliability and compatibility.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer watching a tutorial on how to stake our NFTs you can watch the video below.

How to mint your NFT

Step 1

To start minting you will need to go to the MapMetrics staking page

You will be able to find this in the top right corner.

MapMetrics staking NFT landing page

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Staking NFT package you like to mint. 

Minting NFT package to choose from to earn interest in $MMAPS

Step 3

When you’ve selected the package you can connect it to your wallet. After filling in your password you can go ahead and click on mint. 

Here you can see the remaining NFTs available and the price for minting in $MMAPS. 

After you have minted the NFT it will be placed inside your wallet. 

If you don’t have a wallet yet, check out our blog posts on:

Minting NFT page with NFTs available, minting price, and minting button.

How to stake your NFT

Step 4

You can go back to the MapMetrics staking page and select the staking site which is suitable for your selected NFT. 

Example: When you’ve minted a Silver NFT, you have to go to the “silver stake” page as shown below. 

NFT staking page MapMetrics selecting the silver staking package to earn MMPS

Step 5

When you have arrived at the staking page, connect your wallet again. 

Now your NFT will be visible in the “Select Your Tokens” section. 

Select your NFT, click on stake, and click on “approve”. 

staking NFT on Cardinal staking platform selected $MMAPS NFT for staking

Step 6

Your staking NFT will now be located in the “view Staked Tokens” section. 

Now you will be able to see:

  • Total Staked: the amount of Silver MapMetrics NFTs staked 
  • Rewards Rate: how many $MMAPS you’re earning a day
  • Treasury Balance: how many $MMAPS are available to earn


When you want to redeem your earnings you’re able to do this on a daily basis. By clicking on the “claim” button you can transfer your earnings to your own wallet.

Note: your NFT will be locked for the period linked to the package. When this period has ended you will still be able to leave your NFT to receive your earnings. When you want to unstake your NFT you can simply select your NFT and click on the “unstake” button below. 

View staked tokens on the cardinal NFT staking platform staking mapmetrics silver package NFT
When the lock-up period concludes, and you intend to convert your NFT to MMAPS, you will have the ability to transfer it back to our staking dedicated wallet.

A guide on how to redeem your NFT will follow.

If you have any questions about the above or the project, we recommend joining our Discord for 24/7 support, getting in touch with other community members, and receiving the latest updates. 

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