How to Create a MMaps Token Account

Airdrop MMaps coins parachute out of sky with clouds

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Create a MMaps account

Go to your Solflare wallet and click on “add a new asset”.

Make sure you have a minimum of 0.003 SOL in your wallet to be able to create the MMaps account.

Here is a full video guide on how to transfer SOL to your wallet. Credits Johannes

If you haven’t created a Solflare wallet yet we recommend following the steps in our How to create a Solflare Wallet guide.

add new asset to solflare wallet

Enter “MMaps” or “EFqYVEitSUpUTj2d9LSqun4eZ4BzouFuTPqQzU4hNtsS” to add the MapMetrics token address to your wallet. Click on the MapMetrics account. Make sure the logo and mint address are matching.

Creating an MMaps account

Fill in your password and click on confirm

Confirm MMaps wallet creation

Congratulations, you have created a MMaps token account!

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