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People in a dimly lit room using computers, with a 3D holographic world map showcasing p2p data sharing connections. Streamr logo on the top-left and MapMetrics logo on the top-right, symbolizing their collaboration.

MapMetrics Joins Forces with Streamr for Live Traffic and Map Metadata Streaming

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Streamr, a next-generation P2P network for streaming data and real-time messaging. This innovative partnership aims to revolutionize the way we handle traffic and map metadata by harnessing the power of Streamr’s P2P network. As a starting point, we will be streaming live traffic data, beginning with the addition of all speed cameras worldwide. This initiative represents just the tip of the iceberg, with plans to gradually incorporate more data over time.

MapMetrics Data Streamed on The Hub

The Hub is a platform for hosting and discovering Web3’s live open data—precisely the kind of insights generated daily by MapMetrics users. We are thrilled to see this open anonymous data flowing from MapMetrics drivers to The Hub, where it can be used and traded to generate crowdsourced insights about the roads, traffic, and other map-related metadata.

These insights could include emerging hazards, previously unmarked traffic lights, speed cameras, or other obstacles identified in real-time by passing the data through a machine-learning plugin. This can help refine maps, send alerts to other road users based on the data they generate, and enable road managers to make better-informed decisions.

Additionally, the data might be logged and stored using the newly developed Log Store, allowing data scientists to mine the historical data stored on The Hub and potentially identify needed improvements or insights. The possibilities are limitless with this kind of data, and adding it to The Hub increases its discoverability and value.

Joining Forces for the Contest

To make things even more exciting, Streamr will add their own giveaway of $DATA tokens and will do this on a monthly basis. They will even get their own spaceship flying next to our own Bitcoin giveaway rocketship! 

Here’s how it works:

Streamr node runners have the opportunity to win rewards by participating in a monthly side contest featuring a Streamr-branded spaceship shadowing the rocket. To participate, tweet a screenshot of your node’s location from the Network Explorer using #StreamrNodeTour. The individual whose tweeted node is closest to the rocket will receive $100 worth of DATA tokens to stake with Zonaris, and a one-year node subscription for Zonaris.

Streamr X page:

Note that participating in the Streamr prize contest does not qualify you for the MapMetrics grand prize of one Bitcoin, so be sure to enter the main MapMetrics competition separately.

Wrapping it up

Interested in learning more about Streamr, the contest, and potential collaboration opportunities? Mark your calendar for a joint x Spaces hangout at 16:00 CEST on 7th September. 

Please submit your questions in the #Marketing channel on the Streamr Discord.

We are incredibly excited about this collaboration and the possibilities it brings. Stay tuned for more updates!

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