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Embracing the Future: MapMetrics Introduces the V2 Token Upgrade

In an era marked by technological strides, MapMetrics is taking a bold step forward. After months of strategic planning and meticulous refinement, the company is proud to announce its transition to the V2 token era. This transformation isn’t just about a new look; it’s a well-thought-out move that not only addresses the limitations of the former token but also aligns with the future through seamless integration with the upcoming SPL token program. To delve into the specifics, visit:

Why Now? A Well-Timed Evolution

The impetus behind this transition stems from the incompatibility of the current token with impending updates. With the conclusion of Cardinal’s program and the subsequent closure of alternative staking avenues, an opportune moment has emerged to introduce the new token.

A Roadmap for Transformation

Effective immediately, liquidity support for the old MMAPS token has been withdrawn. This renders the old MMAPS tokens you currently possess obsolete, making them unfit for trading. However, this transition comes with a silver lining. Instead, a seamless one-to-one airdrop of the new MMAP V2 tokens, each with equivalent trading value, awaits.

Continuity Amidst Change

Rest assured, your financial returns remain unaffected. Starting August 26th, all users will begin receiving the V2 tokens on a daily basis, ensuring that your earnings remain consistent.

Redesigning Token Exchange

Gone are the days of Raydium access for the v2 token. Instead, a novel approach has been adopted. Utilizing your MMAPS, you can now acquire NFTs that are directly convertible to SOL. Acquiring an NFT, achieved through an exchange of 50,000 MMAPS, not only guarantees a 3% daily MMAPS accrual based on its value but also grants access to a rewarding ecosystem.

Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  1. Visit
  2. Swap 50,000 MMAPS for an NFT.
  3. Enjoy a 3% daily MMAPS gain or exchange the NFT for SOL via

Empowering NFT Holders

The transition brings a range of exclusive perks for NFT holders, from elevated daily earnings to enticing Airdrop benefits. These perks are designed to reward loyal contributors and stimulate a thriving ecosystem.

Unlocking NFT Advantages

The NFT ecosystem offers numerous advantages, including a daily 3% yield, the transformation of MMAPS into a versatile utility token, incentives for long-term asset retention, reduced selling pressure, alignment with SOL’s growth trajectory, and the introduction of incentive-driven user rankings.

Value Transition: NFTs at the Helm

Value dynamics have been carefully considered during this transition. The NFT’s value has been strategically positioned 25% higher than the prevailing MMAPS rate. Moreover, a 20% embedded fee during NFT swapping not only augments project value but also eases selling pressure, benefitting the community.

Seamless Progress for NFT Owners

Existing NFT holders need not worry. On August 27th, the value of your bronze, silver, or gold NFTs will be directly airdropped to your linked wallet. No action required. Following the airdrop, you retain the flexibility to liquidate your NFTs for SOL.

Continuity in the Liquidity Pool

For participants in the MMAPS and USDC liquidity pool, rest assured that the transition will be smooth. The corresponding amounts of both MMAPS and USDC will be airdropped to your wallets.

Eagerly Awaiting the Next Chapter

As the groundwork for the enhanced Solana token framework takes shape, anticipation builds for the rollout and validation of the 2022 program update. This milestone will pave the way for the token’s relisting on an exchange and a return to a familiar setup.

Amplifying Core Value

MapMetrics remains committed to enhancing value. Revenues generated from cryptocurrency advertising and strategic avenues will be thoughtfully reinvested. This strategic shift from MMAPS repurchases to NFTs aims to progressively elevate their intrinsic worth.

Charting the Path Ahead

Expect more on the horizon – app enhancements, strategic collaborations, and more. Your active involvement is essential to the success of this endeavor. MapMetrics is dedicated to nurturing the project’s growth, amplifying value for esteemed users. This journey is shared, and your trust remains its foundation.

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