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AMA 10 – Q1 timeline and more

This article is a summary of our 10th Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, the first one of the year. In this AMA, we’ll be discussing what we have in store for you in the first quarter of this year. We will cover our main focus for the “official” launch of the improved app, and we’ll talk about the improvements we’re working on. We know where we stand and how to move forward, which is exciting, and we look forward to making it happen.

If you would like to watch the full AMA you will be able to do so below:

The agenda of the AMA:

  1. NFT staking
  2. Bonus and Key NFTs
  3. App update
  4. SPT update and background earnings
  5. Business portal and affiliate program
  6. Map update and free crypto drop
  7. Launch of our big promo
  8. Ask Me Anything (AMA) session

NFT Staking

MMAPS holders are now able to start staking their MMAPS using MapMetrics staking NFTs, thanks to the help of our partners Metaplex and Cardinal. There are three different packages available for staking: Bronze (25K MMAPS), Silver (70K MMAPS), and Gold (150K MMAPS). To learn more about staking, please watch our “NFT Staking” video on our YouTube channel. So far, the community has staked 55 Bronze NFTs, 29 Silver NFTs, and 57 Gold NFTs, which means over 12 million MMAPS have been staked!

Bonus and Key NFTs

Unfortunately, the delivery of both NFTs have been delayed. The key NFT has not been transferred yet because it will change the entire payment setup on our side, but for now, it won’t benefit the users as much. Our main priorities right now are the web3 navigation app and business portal. After these main priorities have been completed, the Bonus and Key NFTs will be sent out.

App Update

After this AMA, we will push a new app update that includes backend bug fixes, a separate SPT menu, and a “Learn More” section with information about the app and project. More updates are coming soon.

MapMetrics crypto navigation app updates which sows the learn more section of the app and the crypto wallet fix of the gray overlaying boxes that avoid showing the earnings.

SPT Update and Background Earnings

We’re working on an SPT update to resolve issues with the LED indicators and improve tracking. We’re also looking into background earnings, keep in mind it’s a complex process as there are two different operating systems, Android and iOS, and encrypted data from the SPT that need all to be taken into condideration. We realize the importance of the integration of this feature and we are working on bringing an update, but no deadline has been set yet.

Business Portal and Affiliate Program

This month, we’re aiming to launch our business portal, which has been almost finalized in design and is being set up on the backend. Our team of UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, and server specialists are working around the clock to make it happen. The business portal will allow communication between the app, the business portal, and the blockchain.

Along with the business portal, we are also launching our affiliate program. This program will allow you to earn crypto for promoting our app and services to your network. We believe this is a great way for our community to get involved and share in our success. The more people you bring on board, the more rewards you will receive. We will provide more details about this program in the coming weeks.

If you want to learn more we recommend watching this video.

MapMetrics business portal in progress of being huild where businesses can track there traffic

(development of the business portal in progress)

Map update

One of our main focus points for the past couple of months is moving our navigation app to a whole new setup. As mentioned in our last AMA we are going to move to an offline mapping system. This means you will be able to pre-download the map and which not only will save your internet, but it will also be improving your navigation experience as a whole.

When this update will roll out, we are going to include the invite-a-friend feature which will reward users for referring their friends. The reason why we are waiting for this feature is that you can only introduce someone once to a project, and we want to make sure the first experience is great.

We also have decided to postpone the crypto drop till the new version is ready. Because the new app has a different build it makes more sense for the team to focus on the future of the app and start building it on top of the new layout. Also, the free crypto drop is all about attracting more people to the platform. And again, knowing how important first-time impressions are, it just makes more sense to lead them to the 2.0 version.

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