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A man stands in front of a sophisticated hardware setup, proudly representing the collaboration between peaq and MapMetrics to advance DePIN hardware development.

Techtics Engineering and peaq Join Forces for DePIN Hardware Advancement

In a strategic move poised to bolster the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) space, our sister company, Techtics Engineering, has officially joined forces with peaq. Known for being a pioneering layer-one blockchain in the DePIN realm, peaq extends beyond mere financial grants. They offer comprehensive backing, which crucially includes support for the often-overlooked aspect of hardware development. This partnership promises to address a critical gap in DePIN projects, which tend to emphasize software while undervaluing the essential role of hardware in data measurement and security.

The Necessity of Hardware in DePIN Projects

DePIN projects inherently focus on software solutions. Yet, there’s an indisputable need for hardware when it comes to collecting tangible data and validating user interactions. External hardware is vital for capturing real-world measurements and ensuring the integrity of data, safeguarding it from potential spoofing attacks. This is where Techtics Engineering steps in, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds and ensuring that DePIN initiatives are grounded in verifiable and protected data.

Techtics Engineering: A One-Stop Shop for DePIN Initiatives

With its comprehensive turnkey policy, Techtics Engineering positions itself as a full-service ally for DePIN projects. From conceptual blueprints to the final product, Techtics provides end-to-end support. This includes fine-tuning the supply chain to ensure that projects are not just feasible but also scalable. The synergy between Techtics Engineering’s hardware acumen and peaq’s blockchain infrastructure lays the foundation for DePIN projects to flourish with robust support and strategic insight.

Empowering MapMetrics and the DePIN Ecosystem

The strategic alliance between Techtics Engineering and peaq signifies more than just the advancement of a single entity; it’s a catalyst for nurturing a robust DePIN ecosystem. This partnership facilitates growth for MapMetrics as well, which is at the forefront of developing a decentralized web3 map API tailored for DePIN projects. This API is a game-changer as it enables these projects to precisely locate their IoT hardware devices, integrating real-world data points with the digital ledger in a seamless and secure fashion.

By leveraging this technology, MapMetrics is positioned to become an integral component of the DePIN space, offering a scalable and reliable platform that empowers the entire network. The map API they are building is not just an add-on feature; it’s a necessary tool that will likely become the backbone for a myriad of DePIN applications, ensuring that hardware can be accurately and reliably located and managed within the decentralized framework.


The partnership between Techtics Engineering and peaq is there to support DePIN projects, by innovation, collaboration, and a forward-looking vision. As we continue to build this space together, the future shines with promise, brimming with exciting possibilities that will redefine the interaction between hardware and decentralized networks. The journey ahead is not just about building a product or a platform; it’s about creating an interconnected, resilient ecosystem that stands at the forefront of technology and trust.

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