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An engaged group of individuals passionately discuss the intersection of blockchain technology, data connectivity, and the integration of the DePIN projects peaq and MapMetrics.

MapMetrics Collaborates to Build peaq’s Multi-Chain Machine IDs on Solana

MapMetrics is set to collaborate with peaq to develop a bridge enabling the use of their Multi-Chain Machine ID technology on the peaq platform to its full potential, allowing Solana-based DePIN projects to be onboarded onto their network. By integrating Solana, they will expand their multi-chain capabilities beyond the BNB Beacon Chain, Polkadot, Ethereum, and more bringing machine-focused functionalities to dApps and DePINs across various networks.

Building a Multi-Chain Machine ID

The functionality of Machine IDs will establish core features for DePIN on peaq, harnessing the power of hardware in mobile devices to authenticate and sign anonymized, user-collected data. The introduction of Multi-Chain Machine IDs by peaq ensures a robust system that guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the data by associating it with unique machine identifiers. This enhances security and establishes a verifiable link between the data subjects and the processed information.

Additionally, a community voting pallet, a foundational component within the peaq ecosystem, is to be developed. This pallet will serve as a secure and transparent mechanism, using blockchain technology to facilitate organized voting for other projects. Within the MapMetrics community, this will be crucial for expanding the map’s features, such as adding speed cameras, adjusting metadata like store opening hours, and more. These additions will be validated through a democratic process, enhancing the map data’s reliability and accuracy.

MapMetrics’ integration into the peaq ecosystem is in line with peaq’s goal to extend the compatibility of its Multi-Chain Machine IDs to Solana. This initiative will ensure a seamless transition for teams moving from the Solana ecosystem, providing easy access to peaq’s DePIN functions. It aims to foster increased participation and collaboration, cultivating a thriving ecosystem on peaq and increasing the overall value for the community and its projects.

The Next-Gen Web 3 Navigation Map

With the integration of peaq’s Machine ID, the MapMetrics project will enable voting without the need for additional hardware. The value of this voting comes from users contributing new data to the map, with the community acting as validators. Through voting, users can decide whether to implement suggested updates or new data. Thanks to the Machine ID, the system can validate that votes are cast by registered users, rather than being spoofed by bots or manipulated by AI. This creates a secure update system that benefits real users and ensures only authentic participants earn rewards for updating and maintaining the platform. Building the foundation of world’s first Web3 map API.

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