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An orange car drives along a sunny beach, framed by palm trees and mountains. Strangely, rocks fall from the sky, adding surrealism. Above the car, a Bitcoin symbol hovers, signifying the opportunity to win free bitcoin while driving.

How to Win a Free Bitcoin

Welcome to MapMetrics, where we are reshaping the way of navigating by integrating crypto with our innovative web3 navigation app. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new app and invite you to join us in an amazing opportunity to win a Bitcoin as you hit the road. Let’s explore how you can be part of this thrilling adventure and increase your chances of claiming the grand prize!

How It Works

Participating in this incredible Bitcoin giveaway is simple. Just download our free MapMetrics app and unlock endless possibilities. Your mission is to track down the Bitcoin-carrying rocket as it travels across the globe. By the end of the year, the participant who comes closest to the rocket will be crowned the winner and receive the highly coveted grand prize—a Bitcoin! It’s a race against time and fellow competitors, with the potential for a life-changing victory.

Boost Your Chances

Want to increase the likelihood of the rocket visiting your country more frequently? MapMetrics has the perfect solution! Visit the Bitcoin Rocket page, where you can actively influence the rocket’s flight path through voting. Simply quote the pinned message and reply with #country, where “country” represents your desired destination. Through this voting system, you have the power to influence up to 25% of the rocket’s flight path. Stay updated on the rocket’s movements by following our MapMetrics Twitter account and using the correct hashtag for your country.

Join us on Twitter:

Tracking the Bitcoin Winner Rankings

Eager to know how close you are to winning the Bitcoin? Our dedicated “Win a Bitcoin” landing page allows you to easily track your progress and standing. By entering your wallet address in the search bar, you can view the rankings and see where you stand in relation to other participants. Remember, every day brings a fresh opportunity for victory. Keep pushing forward and actively cast your vote for your country to increase the chances of the rocket visiting your desired destination.

To Wrap It Up

The MapMetrics crypto navigation app presents a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to earn crypto while exploring the world, with a chance to win a Bitcoin. By downloading our app and immersing yourself in this thrilling competition, you embark on an exciting quest to capture the Bitcoin-carrying rocket as it races across the globe. Don’t miss out on this thrilling chance to potentially secure a valuable cryptocurrency asset. Join the race, vote for your country, and track your progress using our comprehensive ranking system. Remember, every moment counts, so ignite your spirit of adventure and drive towards winning a free Bitcoin with MapMetrics!

Go to the dedicated landing page to learn more:

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