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MapMetrics Monthly Update: June Recap and Exciting Announcements

June has been a whirlwind of activity and innovation at MapMetrics, and we’re thrilled to share all the exciting updates and improvements we’ve rolled out. From the long-awaited launch of our iOS app to significant enhancements for our Android users, there’s plenty of news to cover. Let’s dive in – Monthly Update!

iOS App Launch and Updates

🎉 Exciting News for iOS Users! 🎉

After much anticipation and hard work, our iOS web3 navigation app is now live! 🚀 We’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment, and we’re delighted to bring you the first version of the app. To get the app approved as quickly as possible, we initially had to strip it down to its essential features. Here’s what’s included in this launch:

  • 🔍 Semi-Advanced Search: Improved search capabilities to help you find your destinations faster.
  • 💸 Free Crypto Drop: Enjoy some free crypto to get you started with our integrated rewards system.
  • 🔗 Auto SPT Connect: Seamlessly connect to SPT.
  • 📋 New SPT Menu: A revamped menu for easier navigation and better usability.
  • 📍 Saved Places: Save your favorite spots for quick access.
  • 📚 Search History: Quickly access your recent searches.
  • 🗺️ Map Layers: Customize your map view with different layers.
  • 👛 New Wallet Layout: A redesigned wallet interface for better financial management.
  • ⚙️ Settings with options like Night Mode, Advanced Map Downloading, and Power Saving Mode: Tailor the app to your preferences and needs.

While this initial release provides a robust foundation, we’re not stopping here. Our team is laser-focused on squashing any bugs 🐛 and ensuring the app performs flawlessly. Future updates will aim to align iOS features with those available on Android, including a level system, speed cameras, trip tracking with an AI emissions calculator, vehicle information, and more. The journey has just begun, and we’re excited to keep you updated every step of the way. Let’s goooo! 🚀

Android App Enhancements monthly update

🚗 Android Auto and UI Improvements

Our Android users haven’t been left out of the excitement. We’ve rolled out several significant updates designed to enhance your experience and usability:

  • 🚦 Cameras in Android Auto: Now, you can add and remove speed cameras directly within Android Auto settings, providing more control and improving community contributions.
  • 📊 Driver Stats Update: We’ve enhanced the trip tracking and analytics features, giving you more insights into your driving habits and performance.
  • 👛 Wallet Design: Our in-app wallet has been revamped for better oversight and usability, ensuring you have a clearer view of your financial interactions.
  • 🌐 Multi-language Support: The UI has been improved for non-English setups, making the app more accessible to a global audience.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing a seamless and efficient navigation experience. We are constantly gathering feedback and making improvements to ensure the app meets your needs.

Transition Away from Solana

🔄 Moving to New Infrastructure

In our efforts to provide clearer and more efficient earnings management, we’ve made some significant changes regarding our Solana-based tokens. Users will now find their earnings directly in the in-app wallet. This transition includes several enhancements:

  • 📢 Daily Reports: Receive push notifications detailing your daily earnings, helping you stay informed about your financial progress.
  • ⏲️ Real-Time Timer: See the percentage left to earn in real-time, allowing you to track your earnings more effectively.
  • 💰 Earnings Per Trip: View your real-time earnings immediately after each trip, giving you a clear understanding of your financial rewards.

This complex restructuring process involves significant encryption and safety measures, improving your earnings experience step by step. We’re committed to making this transition as smooth as possible and appreciate your patience during this period.

Developer’s Corner

💻 Behind the Scenes

Our development teams have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to address user feedback and enhance the app experience. Here’s a peek into what’s been happening:

  • 🐞 Bug Fixes: We’ve been diligently addressing reported issues to ensure a smoother experience for all users.
  • 📱 UI Restructuring: Enhancements to the in-app wallet UI and overall usability have been made to provide a better user experience.
  • 📲 iOS Feedback Process: Navigating Apple’s detailed feedback process can be time-consuming, but we’re committed to ensuring the app meets their high standards and provides the best possible experience for our users.

Community Engagement and Social Updates

📸 Speed Cameras and Live Traffic

Our community has been incredibly active in sharing speed camera locations, with notable contributions from cities like Paris. We’re implementing these updates rapidly, ensuring safer and more informed driving for all users. Additionally, we’re in the final stages of adding live traffic and roadblocks to our maps. This feature will set us apart in the navigation app market, especially within the web3 ecosystem, by offering real-time traffic updates to tailor your journeys.

🕵️ Teaser Alert! Keep an eye out for exciting announcements by the end of next month. Stay tuned on our social channels for more details!

**Alt Text:**

A person holding a camera monitor displaying a man in a car, with a film crew working around a blue car in the background. Other parked cars and trees are visible in the parking lot setting.

Compensation Campaign

📢 Addressing Earnings Issues

To address issues some users faced with their earnings, we’re launching a compensation campaign once all updates are fully implemented. This campaign aims to rectify any discrepancies and ensure a fair and transparent earning process.

Future Updates and Features

🌟 What’s Next?

We’re not slowing down! Upcoming updates will include:

  • 🏅 Level System
  • 📸 Enhanced Speed Camera Features
  • 📊 Detailed Driver Stats
  • 🚗 Vehicle Info Integration
  • 🌙 Updated Night Mode
  • 🌳 Tree Planting Initiatives

We’re excited to bring these features to you and continue enhancing your navigation experience.


June has been a month of rapid progress and exciting developments at MapMetrics. We’re committed to continuously improving your navigation experience and adding valuable features to our app. Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate these changes and enhancements.

This was the monthly Update: Stay tuned for more updates, and enjoy your journeys with MapMetrics!

Let’s goooo! 🚀

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