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An advanced cityscape displays the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and Decentralized Personal Information Networks (DePIN) focusing on mobility. The image includes autonomous vehicles navigating the streets, with transparent digital displays above them showcasing data flows and DePIN management, highlighting company names 'MapMetrics' and 'peaq'. Skyscrapers are equipped with sensors and IoT devices, glowing with dynamic lights, while pedestrians use mobile devices to connect seamlessly with city infrastructure. The setting conveys a vibrant, technology-driven atmosphere

MapMetrics’ Transition from Solana to Peaq

A milestone day is upon us—the 25th has arrived, marking the official transition announcement you have all been eagerly awaiting. We deeply appreciate your unwavering support, your contributions to data sharing, and your valuable feedback, which have collectively transformed our project into a recognized entity in the decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) space. Without further delay, let’s delve into the significant update that is set to redefine our trajectory.

MapMetrics’ Strategic Transition Away from Solana to Peaq

Today, we are thrilled to announce MapMetrics’ migration to the peaq network! peaq stands at the forefront of a global infrastructural revolution, not just supporting but enhancing sectors like mobility, energy, and digital infrastructure through its robust layer-1 blockchain technology. This blockchain is designed to be the backbone for DePINs, boasting support for over 25 applications across multiple industries, and enabling over 350,000 devices, vehicles, and machines to interact seamlessly within its ecosystem.

Why peaq is the Ideal Choice for MapMetrics

Modular DePIN Functions

As a layer-1 chain for DePINs, peaq features an array of ready-made Modular DePIn Functions, which will help us expand our existing features. The functions include peaq IDs, which, crucially, will give priority to real machines in times of high network congestion — a crucial factor behind the decision — as well as DePIN data verification, role-based access control, and other key modules.

Infrastructure Optimized for DePIN

peaq is not merely a network; it is a facilitator of innovative solutions tailored for DePIN projects. With initiatives like Machine ID development, peaq is set to significantly enhance the operational framework necessary for our project’s needs.

Facilitating Synergies Between Projects

peaq’s architecture is uniquely designed to connect multiple DePIN projects, simplifying the process of data and transaction onboarding. This interconnectedness is crucial for scaling operations and enhancing the user experience across the ecosystem.

Marketing Boost and User Engagement

Close-up image of a young Asian adult wearing smart casual attire, engaging with an augmented reality interface on a busy city street. The interface displays real-time traffic data. In the background, autonomous vehicles and other pedestrians using similar technologies are visible, illustrating a dynamic and technologically advanced urban environment.

Introducing the Green Initiative

We’re excited to introduce a new app feature in our next update that not only showcases our progress but also helps users better understand the data they collect and their driving behavior. Committed to fostering a carbon-neutral navigation experience and a sustainable future, we have partnered with Tree-Nation. This collaboration allows users to offset their carbon emissions simply by using the app. By navigating with the app, users earn XP and free MMAP, which can be exchanged for planting trees in the real world. This effort supports our goal of helping you achieve carbon neutrality in your driving, moving us all toward a greener future. For additional information, please visit our updated website.

Guiding You Through the Migration Process

Token Migration Support

The transition to a new network can be daunting, but we are here to ensure a smooth migration. From setting up a new wallet to transferring your assets, we will provide comprehensive guidance every step of the way in the upcoming weeks.

What’s Next: Important Dates and Milestones

peaq’s Mainnet Launch and Promotional Events

As we prepare for our main net launch on peaq this May, we have outlined a series of promotional events to maximize visibility and engagement:

  • April 25th: Official announcement of our transition.
  • TBA: Kick-off of the MapMetrics Airdrop, with 50% of the airdrop allocated to SPT holders as a thank you for being early adopters and for your continuous support of the project.
  • TBA: Start ICO for the new token on Launchpad.
  • TBA: The much-anticipated token launch on the peaq.
  • TBA: Expansion of our availability with a launch on Bitmart (CEX).


This transition marks a pivotal chapter in MapMetrics’ story. By moving to peaq, we are not just changing our technical foundation; we are embracing a future where our project can truly thrive and expand its horizons. We thank you for your trust and enthusiasm as we step into this exciting new phase together.

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