New Logo Reveal

MapMetrics logo different color styles

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A whole new brand identity

MapMetrics is going to Rebrand! The project just launched over 5 months ago and has come a very long way since then. While the project has been evolving over time, we had a feeling the identity was staying behind.

The project is all about being transparent about data and showing the value of it by rewarding people for sharing. It’s about inclusion and we want people who are new to crypto able to join as well, converting non-crypto users to crypto users via something most people are familiar with, a navigation app. In our case, a crypto navigation app.

For this reason, we came up with a whole new design we are going to roll out across the board including, the app, website, and SPTs.

Here is a video of the logo reveal:

Logo Architecture

The shape of the logo is representing several easter eggs that that are representing the project.

  1. The rounding edges are symbolic for the flow of driving, the corner you have to take regardless of the vehicle you are mastering will always be an organic movement.
  2. The double arrows down visualizing movement, moving forward, not only on the road but with technology we build and always on the look for innovations to improve our user experience.
  3. The double arrows can also be seen as the double “M”, from MapMetrics.
  4. The parallelogram shaped edges representing users and MapMetrics and the line in between the connection between both parties which is transparent. Being straight forward about the data that will be collected and used to optimise the community’s earnings. All to make the visualise the value of geolocation data and get rewarded for sharing it with the network.
MapMetrics logo architecture

Logo Design

You will find that the colors of the logo design are the same as the ones we are using for our SPTs. These colors are representing the lights of a trafficlight:

Green: Bike SPT

Orange: Morotcyle/Scooter SPT

Red: Car SPT

MapMetrics logo different color styles


The font used for the brand is called “Mulish”. The reason for choosing this font is because we are confident it will serve our needs perfectly. It has a clear modern look, and is also good very readable on mobile or bigger devices.  The UX improves and it fit perfectly with our graphics, which made picking Mulish a no brainer.

Font mulish in different font sizes

Color Palette

As mentioned before we have chosen for the three colors that are matching our SPTs. As shown in the picture bellow we have focussed on making sure the colors work very well with each other. The more softer tone used will prevent elements in the app to pop out too much which could intervene with the user experience while driving.  

The colours work perfect on both a dark and light background which is ideal for day and night mode we are going to implement in the app.

color palette of the MapMetrics logo

Icon Logic

The icons which will be used will have the same signature split as the logo with a combination of harder and softer color to represent the transparency of the project. These icons will be used in the navigation system to communicate meaning without diluting the visuals of the app. This will result in clean visuals and a frictionless user experience.

Wrapping it up

This new UX/UI is designed to communicate to current crypto users as people who are new to the game. The slick looking and easy to navigate design will make sure all users will feel comfortable using the app. Our goal is to visualise the value of geolocation data, and everyone should be able to join.

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